New Video : A Sudden Change Of Heart

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  1. THX1138 says:

    Can you tell me why my comments at NewTube are being shadow-banned? Also, why did the RSS feed for your channel suddenly stop on 1/11/2021? It seems that NewTube is operating the same as YouTube.

  2. ‘expert’=’stooge’

  3. mwhite says:

    Do you know the Scientific History of Lockdowns?

  4. rah says:

    The primary social/political objectives have been met. That is all it was about from the start. Now they are on to the secondary ones which is, among others, to make the populations submit to a vaccination passport identification and tracking system.

  5. Andre Rohde garder says:

    “Open Bars Better” – Great Reset

  6. Louis Gatto says:

    Thanks you! Great work as always.

  7. WCK says:

    Everything that had a negative outcome in the last four years is directly involved with and shares the goal of, defeating President Trump. The demonrats could not have him as president for another term, and to have a scorched Earth policy when he leaves at that time. They are going to get the scorched Earth policy now because everyone with a brain knows the election was stolen. The debacle of “the capitol insurrection” was engineered to hide the FACT that no one will show up for an inauguration of a thief that 82 million people “voted” for. The censoring of information about the theft of the election will slowly be eroded with time, and the fact of every lie will be exposed.

    • arn says:

      It is not about about democrats ,but about globalists and Trump was a huge wrench in the gears of their NWO,or lets call it now,great reset shitshow,which was already announced by UN chick figueres several years ago.

      The democrats were just doing what the billionaires who own the MSM and the uni company google/amazon/facebook who always promote the same wars&agendas,protect their criminals(Obama,Biden,Clinton,Bush)target and ban the same people at the same time (by some incredible coincidence,and not as direct result of being coordinated by the Bilderbergers, CFR etc who are behind this unified must have opinion.
      2000 years ago they used to say “All roads lead to rome”,
      nowadays all roads leads to global marxism.

  8. Graeme No.3 says:

    In Australia the State with the most strict mask mandates and strictest shut downs had by far the highest number of deaths. It also has the Premier most easily influenced by the Chinese, so much so that he is often referred to as Do Pi Dan.

  9. Ray says:
    No virus and no government through FI requests has shown the isolation of a virus / No excess deaths world wide in 2020 / it is not a vaccine but a synthetic pathogen / The PCR test was never intended for this purpose and shows 97 % false positives / The jab will kill millions and make hundreds of millions genetically modified humans that will lead to cancers / ms / LG disease/ sterilization and un told health problems. / This madness started many years ago that manifested into the global warming culture and the World Economic Forum wanting to remake the world into their own image. This was part of population reduction and the destruction of the Middle class and total control over mankind. / Next the financial socialist spending spree drove the debt along with the theft of trillions has left the bond market done like dinner and the governments no longer able to pay the interest on their debt. / So they decided to collapse the economy and remove any opposition such as Trump by creating the Covid Hoax and have mail in ballots . Any further elections will have the same result no matter what country / Next the remaining small businesses will be destroyed with further lockdowns and the jab deaths and illnesses along with regular influenza illnesses blamed on Covid with the complete removal of all rights and freedoms . The side effects
    alone on the lockdowns will result in staggering life years lost in the thousands of millions for years to come. / Next will be the isolation of those that refuse the jab and in many countries they are building camps ( Canada, Germany) for those that will not obey to the agenda. / Digital currency will be introduced and all the central banks, the IMF , have already moved forward on this for total financial control over everyone with the plan by the WEF to have you sign over all your assets for a return of a guaranteed income. If you think I’m blowing smoke up your ass, go to their web site and read it for yourself. My country Canada’s PM has already signed us up for the Great Reset and the New Green Deal. / Mankind and Freedom is now entering the fight for survival and Good against Evil and myself and wife will not give into this evil because its not about me anymore but the children and our souls.

  10. TRM says:

    Belarus and Nicaragua also did no lockdown and no masks. Belarus has 1/6th the deaths of Sweden with even less restrictions. They were early adopters of HCQ as a preventative for their health care workers to stop the spread.

  11. Harrison William Schumacher II says:

    If we still believe in freedom. the time has come to ask ourselves, what are we prepared to do. A house divided against itself cannot stand. It will become all the one thing, or all the other. There’s no more middle ground. We must pick a side and commit ourselves accordingly. We have only those rights we are willing to defend. Will you help me find other likeminded individuals, or are we quickly becoming an endangered species?

  12. Forget Orwell, the future is E M Forster’s ‘the Machine Stops’

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