New Video : Deep State Panic

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  1. Paul Williams says:

    Have loved you posts on YouTube (where I am a subscriber), and I have downloaded many for archival purposes as well as to use when I engage my liberal friends. Have been looking at your NewTube site, and have tried using my regular video download program to save your videos, and the program (4K Video Downloader) gives me an error message that NewTube is an “unknown site” and won’t download your videos.

    Any comments/suggestions?

  2. Michael says:

    Tony, after I saw Switzerland’s WEF announced the Great Reset for Jan. 25-29, I grabbed all the IP addresses of my favorite news sites in case domain servers are shut off. I tried yours ( and got the familiar message: Cloudfare bans direct access using the IP address (bypassing domain servers).

    Tips: Do NOT use https – this can be blocked. Get off cloud, use your direct IP address for now, and post it as a must-bookmark link at the top of your webiste. A domain name is not needed, but visitors should know to use the IP if DNS stops working.

    We have all known for years that Cloud, like “Smart”, is a sinister business with evil long-term intentions. We should all know why using IP is banned by Cloud, which is to transfer control and data to themselves, have the ability to block your site without any help from an ISP or DNS.

    The best advice for bloggers is get off the cloud, and quit free services in general. Get your own server and domain and email. Do not use free email or online storage. Use email for communication, not social media. We all know that social media will soon generally block all non-communist communications (happening this week already). Offer an email-based news service. Manage your own data, with regular backups at home. Do not use free webhosting or assisted online webpage design. One of the most sinister is WordPress – simply wicked. Anyone can learn HTML in a few weeks without any training, or even use home PC apps such as Word and free FTP apps to load to your server, as I did at the beginning as a classic dummy with no IT training.

    Almost all wickedness and destruction of society has occurred through the incredibly simple carrot of “lower costs”. This works because 99 percent of humanity is wicked enough to choose the lower price over morality or the right thing. Because of this human dark side, we have lost family farms and local food production, lost healthy natural food, lost local manufacturing jobs and know-how, lost our savings to debt, and lost our republic to democracy (which is getting things I want instead of doing what is right: abdication of hard work and self-reliance).

    The internet is extremely expensive… so why are things like email and websites and storage free of charge? Because, global communism is paying for it all via central bank printing. A shutdown is planned for the West, and the cloud is how they will hold the biggest book / knowledge burning in history. But before the coup is complete, every person is having a (damning) profile built of their lives – taken from website activity and smart phones and free services like email. Since 9/11 everything hosted by the corps is not your private property – hence the cloud, for maximum control and surveillance of visitors and data.

    Avoid all google products like the plague, including youtube, and especially googleanalytics – this is CIA / The International, as evidenced by their new mega center in Switzerland (global gov) the most expensive place on earth to open a mega office center. This is where the CIA was born, as the Bern-based OSS, by the NAZI head of German national police and head of the global INTERPOL, hence the whole “Corona” thing is Swiss-based (WEF-Davos, WHO, Klaus Schwab, and the cenbanker HQ – the BIS). The Swiss flag is the esoterically most perfect representation of Lucifer on earth. The NAZIs were also funded by the bankers via the BIS in Bern, and had a major base in… (drumroll) Davos, where WEF now meets (the bunkers are still visible along the Panorama Way). The largest Swiss bank, the world giant UBS, is owned by the communist party of “China”, which is controlled by the BIS in Bern. The Vatican guard is exclusively Swiss, as is its banking / Jesuit operations as the whore of the global Roman Empire (Daniel’s fourth beast). The USA’s first all-Jesuit White House is headed by a conman whose “wealth” comes from Deutsche Bank under a Swiss director. His mentors had names like Roy Cohn, Roger Stone, Koch brothers, Shelden Adelson… alles klar?

  3. Chris says:

    Content tip: do a video on the parallels between the Capitol breach and the Reichstag fire of 1933.

    From Wikipedia: The day after the fire, at Hitler’s request, President Hindenburg signed the Reichstag Fire Decree into law by using Article 48 of the Weimar Constitution. The Reichstag Fire Decree suspended most civil liberties in Germany, including habeas corpus, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, the right of free association and public assembly, and the secrecy of the post and telephone…. The decree was used by the Nazis to ban publications not considered “friendly” to the Nazi cause.

    If it is true that it was Antifa provocateurs that provoked the capitol breach than it looks like the anti-Trump forces staged their very own Reichstag fire moment to have an excuse for the exact same attack on democracy and free speech as the Nazi’s did back in the day. Short term the main goal is no doubt to stop any serious investigation of election fraud, which is no doubt the real reason of the current Deep State panic.

    There is also historical parallels between the role of brown shirts in the Nazi’s rise to power and the role of Antifa/BLM in the Democrats march to power.

  4. Lester Beedell says:

    Keep the good work going Tony Heller!

  5. Richard says:

    Nancy as never before seen so nervousness – was your laptop taken on purpose and getting breached as we speak – haaaaaaaaaaaa you should be COW
    she is in a panic

    Dems marching to power is very scary

  6. scott allen says:

    where is Nancy Pelosi’s lap top, and what has been downloaded from it ?

    • Chris says:

      Well, if Pelosi was in on a plot to use Antifa provocateurs to provoke the breaching of the Capitol she wouldn’t have any incriminating laptops lying around. This is a woman who pre-ripped Trump’s speech before demonstratively ripping it after his speech, she wouldn’t miss a detail like that!

  7. Paul Carmichael says:

    Tony, really like your message, but Lin Wood’s cheese has slipped off the burger…

  8. John+Sweeney says:

    Isn’t there a civil rights suit in all this?

  9. Thank you, I like to hear the voice of reason.

  10. Ferdl says:

    Why does the Newtube-search not show your channel (or any of your own videos) if you type in “Tony Heller”?

    I remember being able to search you on newtube. Now, all I get as search result are 11 videos made by other people in which you play some role.

    Is this just a glitch or has this to do with the overall purge that is going on (and which has affected other people who are critical about the climate hysteria like electroverse).

  11. Ralf Olonson says:

    I do hope that LLinWood … does not meet with an “unfortunate” or untimely end.
    Nothing would surprise me anymore … LLinWood has actual evidence that “they” cannot be allowed to be made public … Godspeed LLinWood.

  12. john says:

    Excellent & timely….How to get it to the public is the question.

  13. Anna Abers says:

    China is getting its revenge on the West!They have been planning this for a long time.The left in this country is just an extension of the chinese communist party and they are getting big money for it.China has already bought the left,they got all the money to buy politicians.However,they couldn`t buy Donald Trump so they did all they could (covid 19 and stealing the 2020 election) to stop him.This is not the end,Americans are not timid ,they will fight back,because they love freedom more than anything.This is the only country in history that was created by people that came here for freedom!

  14. Tony, as you know I’m Australia with an extensive background in the military and hi-tech. What is happening is so surreal it would not be believed even in a cheap movie.

    I love your work! You are exceptional. Please keep up the information flow. In a world full of madness and deception your efforts are a beacon of sanity, solid logic and truth.

  15. Jeremiah says:

    Tony, I am an ardent supporter of your content! Love your amazing insight. May I suggest that you post, in a prominent place, links to where your content is available- including specifically to your account pages on each platform. It might make sense to post this info clearly, under each account/ alt-social media page as well. Love the work you do to fight for truth and freedom!!! God bless you, my friend!!

  16. Janet Marshal says:

    I live in NZ and am freaking out that Biden gets in as NZs PM is one of them. Shes already after our guns, is censoring free speech, and has the country in billions$$$$$ debt, while we are among the worst country for child poverty with thousands homeless, rivers poisoned, and the preposterous aim of being carbon free. I am so glad Im old as I see a pretty scary kind of future, no matter how hard I try to stay positive and live in the now.

  17. Timothy J Lynch says:

    Hello Tony. I used the link attached to,”The man behind the curtain” video on YouTube to open the video using Newtube. Before the page opened I was redirected to a page under the name Cloudflare. After about 30 seconds Cloudflare closed and the Newtube page opened. I’ve used your link several times and I’ve never seen this link before. With all the tracking of social media I thought you should know. I have a screenshot if you want to see it, please forward an email and I will send it.

  18. Paulussen Willem says:

    Tony, my children and grandchildren are no longer capable of feeling themselves responsible. My whole family thinks of me as a conspiracy theorist.
    It is very easy to tell lies…. but to convince people that they are lied to is very difficult.
    All of Belgian and Dutch TV and written media are in th hands of 1 company. All telling the same narrative.
    Thank you for keeping my spirit up.

  19. Vegieman says:

    What’s with the new message of having to check the server before entering newtube. It would usually let me in after much screen flashing and waiting, but now I am getting a message that says there is an error with the host.

  20. Dwight Hansell says:

    Tony – I really like your climate related posts but wish you would stay out of politics. You are a data and reason guy – not exactly compatible with the world of politics. If Lin Wood has this info, you would be better served waiting until he shares it before you comment. Keep up the great work on climate!

    • Rory Forbes says:

      Unless we get a few more “data and reason guys” into and commenting on politics, our system is done for. Politics is the cause … 30 years of fraudulent, nonsense science is the result. There is little point in Tony fighting to correct the science as long as the Left controls the politics.

      Everything is about politics … particularly the “climate change” fraud. It’s politics that’s keeping the climate issue alive.

  21. Frank says:

    I cannot access First Parler, now newtube.

  22. Dave Ward says:

    @ Paul Williams and anyone else trying to save NewTube videos – I have been able to do so by simply right clicking on a playing clip and selecting “Save Video As”. It certainly works on the one in this post. I’m using “Palemoon” which is/was a fork of Firefox, so I can’t vouch if this will work on other browsers. I have also had limited success elsewhere by right clicking on pages (or even the video if allowed), selecting “View Page Source” and then doing a search for file types “mp4”

  23. Robertv says:

    ‘The extremely cold weather continues to impact on Catalonia in several ways: the snow is becoming ice that needs quick removal, as olive tree growers fear big losses and, meanwhile, the electricity price skyrockets and power outages become constant in metropolitan areas. ‘

  24. Carl says:

    I’m still waiting on the Lin Wood information, I’m thinking I’ll be disappointed.

  25. Andre Rohde garder says:

    Looks like Italy might have been either a smokescreen, or just one piece of a bigger puzzle.

    YOU GET IT FIRST MAKE IT GO VIRAL, says Jovan Pulitzer

    All data is trackable

    View the confirmed hacking of the US election

    American Election Interference – 65 countries participated, attacked 7 states and over 600 individual county polling locations #PROOF #VisualProof DOWNLOAD A PROECTION COPY

  26. Andre Rohde garder says:

    What did they expect???

    Antifa-Coomer from Dominion Voting here as a salesman.

    So when a sale is in the line, then you can connect to the net, no problem…?

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