New Video : Weather Channel Explains “Here’s Why”

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4 Responses to New Video : Weather Channel Explains “Here’s Why”

  1. Mohatdebos says:

    I believe Great Lakes water levels began to reverse in 2013. I bought a boat that year. My wife was paranoid that I would hurt myself stepping down into the boat, which I keep in Lake Michigan. The water levels began to rise the following year and are now at record highs. I am told by old timers that the snowmageddon winter of 2013-2014 was the cause of the reversal.

  2. BobJ says:

    Love the newspaper article posted in the Brisbane Courier re. “Imaginary Changes of Climate”. It’s a gem!
    Great work Tony!

  3. Phil Fetzer says:

    John Coleman’s death not long ago was a serious loss for reality in climate and weather reporting. Generally from the Weather Channels inception I was a devotee, especially as John was on air. Its silliness and nonsense for the most part now; a true shame.

    I received the Caspian sea story a few days ago, and was not surprised by the fraudulent report.

  4. I suppose Z – List physicists lack the interpersonal skills for their more appropriate work at MacDonald’s, so they go into climate science instead. Perhaps they are frustrated fiction writers who went into climate science because it allows freer range to the imagination?

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