Women’s Liberation

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  1. Rory Forbes says:

    I don’t know why people keep blaming Uncle Joe for all this bad legislation. He has absolutely nothing to do with it. He’s nothing but the 1st human, presidential rubber stamp. Notice that his dutiful wife is never far from him since the election (with Kamala not far out of reach). Everything he has signed into law since January 20 has been waiting for weeks for his scrawl to make it official. I’ll lay dollars to doughnuts that his entire first term is already written down somewhere.

    In reality he doesn’t even know where he is half the time. Trump has changed the world in 4 years. Joe will need help to change his own pants.

  2. arn says:

    I’m pretty sure top Boxers like a Prime George Foreman could knock down
    (knee etc touches floor = fight end)
    the top 100 female boxers of this planet in one session,without being knocked down once or even get significant injuries or cuts.
    As simple result of an average 60pound difference,higher speed,range advantage and higher muscle density.
    The U15 boys of FC Dallas humilated the female World Cup Winning US Soccer team 5:2.
    (strange that the purple haired showcase lesbian rights activist top world class female Megan Rapinoe who does not even have the skills of a 14 year old boy ‘forgot’ to demand the same payment(=nothing) as those kids get as she is always crying for equality )

    Out of 1000 men about 2 have on average the size of 2.00m+.
    But you need about 1 million females to find 2 who have this size.

    But the woke and progressives are(by design) so far away from reality,reason and common sense that they always need a worst case scenario to happen
    to even consider that their “values”(created by rich and/or authoritarian people
    for the authority&rich hating left that absorbs the nonsense without questions as long as it makes them feel good and superior)
    might be wrong,
    no matter how obviously wrong and crazy the agenda is.

    And somehow i’m not surprised that the era of the communist male russian female in the west
    goes hand in hand with the era of communism in the west.

  3. Ron says:

    I used to like watching the U.S. women’s soccer team play. I stopped after a world cup intro where lesbian stuff was pushed(not why I wanted to watch) My uncle pointed out that the state college champion women’s soccer team was annihilated by a junior high boys team. On a pleasant side note, I told my daughters that if any boys came into the girl’s bathroom they could kick them in the nuts and I would support them if they got in trouble with the school. I also told them to encourage any other girls there to do the same.

  4. richard says:

    Looking forward to watching men Vs men in the women’s finals at Wimbledon.

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