Climate Math : 0+0=100

Valentines Day here in Cheyenne, Wyoming shattered all records. Our maximum temperature of -7F (-22C) was twelve degrees colder than the previous record from 1990, forty-six degrees colder than average for the date, and seventy-one degrees below the record high in 1924. The maximum temperature was colder than the previous record minimum. It was the coldest day on record this late in the winter.

During the record cold last week, electricity generated by wind and solar dropped to essentially zero in Northern Colorado. They were almost completely reliant on electricity from coal fired power plants and electricity purchased from other providers. But the Platte River Authority remains undaunted and says they are shooting for 100% wind and solar by 2030.  0+0=100.

PRPA: Cold snap accentuates importance of energy networks – Loveland Reporter-Herald

I drove to their primary coal and solar plant at Rawhide to photograph it on February 15.  The solar panels were covered with snow and the only thing keeping Northern Colorado from freezing in the dark was burning coal, which they plan to shut down by 2030.

Reliance on wind power killed lots of people in Texas this week, and that seems to be the plan for Colorado as well.


Other countries have figured this out and are trying to reverse the disaster they created.

Germany’s ‘Green’ Energy Failure: Germany turns back to ‘dirty’ coal and natural gas as millions of its solar panels are blanketed in snow and ice  | Tech News | Startups News

Mexico was once a climate leader – now it’s betting big on coal | Mexico | The Guardian

China’s new coal power plant capacity in 2020 more than three times rest of world’s: study | Reuters

But the Biden administration appears determined to freeze as many people as possible and destroy the United States.

Institute for New Economic Thinking

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4 Responses to Climate Math : 0+0=100

  1. Jeff says:

    Cheyenne area number of days 90+ degrees
    1900-1920 59
    2000-2020 367
    2020 has the most at 33 days

  2. Richard says:

    Germany spent over $220 Billion for a failed system THEN stupidly shut down their Nukes so they buy power from France who has 57 Nukes – my buddy’s electric bills have tripled in last 10 years. Green energy is not the answer until we have better technology and storage capacity

  3. D. Boss says:

    It’s not only energy that these misanthropes want to destroy by their blind ignorance about energy, but also that without petrochemicals – modern life would devolve back to the hunter-gatherer state, and of course only a small fraction of earth’s inhabitants could survive and be supported in that case.

    From the 2003 CRC Handbook of Physics and Chemistry:

    There are 60 pages of the properties and characteristics of inorganic compounds. While the same category for organic compounds is 600 pages. The majority of the organics arise either wholly or in part from petrochemicals!

    Also there are not enough basic ingredients for enough wind turbines or solar panels or batteries to supply 100% “green” schist for even a small country like UK.

    “The metal resource needed to make all cars and vans [in the UK] electric by 2050 and all sales to be purely battery electric by 2035. To replace all UK-based vehicles today with electric vehicles (not including the LGV and HGV fleets), assuming they use the most resource-frugal next-generation NMC 811 batteries, would take 207,900 tonnes cobalt, 264,600 tonnes of lithium carbonate (LCE), at least 7,200 tonnes of neodymium and dysprosium, in addition to 2,362,500 tonnes copper. This represents, just under two times the total annual world cobalt production, nearly the entire world production of neodymium, three quarters the world’s lithium production and at least half of the world’s copper production during 2018. Even ensuring the annual supply of electric vehicles only, from 2035 as pledged, will require the UK to annually import the equivalent of the entire annual cobalt needs of European industry.”

    How can anyone with half a brain contemplate “electrifying” all vehicles on the planet given that electrifying only those in the UK exceeds the world production of the critical elements used in making them?

    You need diesel powered earth moving equipment to mine the raw materials, and you need petrochemicals to make the damned explosives to accomplish that mining too!

    Doubling or tripling the world’s production of critical raw materials mined now, just to electrify the UK’s vehicles – you might as well start a mass suicide cult that believes… herds of winged unicorns will descend upon us and use their magic wands to make it all better…

  4. John Brigden says:

    I see separate issues with the whole story of “co2 Climate Change” and we have to move to electric cars.
    1, Is there really “CO2 Climate Change” One element to cause the down full.

    2, 2012 planetary alignment Maya Calendar. Planet Core heats, Metals move the magnetic field, 2019 GPS system update of North pole position one year early as it had moved so rapidly apparently 5-7klms is the norm where as there had been a 32klm movement.

    3, The world is not generating enough power NOW for normal growth. Because governments are too fearful of back lash at the poles.

    4, Exactly how much energy is used NOW with petrochemical vehicles?

    5, Question 4, is to ask how much electrical power will we need to be generated over and above the current requirements that are failing?

    6, We need a grid of stable power to down load power too. I have a 6.5kw Solar and Solar hot water. Rip off! Installed 3 1/2 years ago. The deal with the Sales and power companies has change in there favor to where I now pay more for power. It will not pay off my out lays in 15 years. I use only 1/3rd of what I generate.

    7, Where I am a Tesla battery costs $12,000.00 it does not cover my needs for power, I also get charged a daily rate for having the battery storing my power that I generated at my cost?

    8, Battery system right now do NOT hold enough power. Also fail or lose power due to cold. New battery systems, are to use expensive “currently toxic” metals. Where are the environmentalists? Greenies?

    9, How are these expensive rare metals to be smelted. without CO2.

    10, (a) I will post a couple of links, one to prove Gravity and Motion cause friction =
    Heat. Remember I have spoken about core temperature.
    (b) To prove we need CO2 for plant and tree growth that includes agriculture
    (Food). We know they absorb CO2 and in return also give us Oxygen. Yes! The
    same Oxygen we need to breath.

    This last one is an announcement from Toyota, Claiming 500 klms 10min charge from their new Battery? I guess this is not a home charge, as many homes are not able to charge the current batteries. Due to poor or low value transmission lines.

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