Earth To Be Destroyed Again

Experts say that global warming destroyed the planet in the year 2000, 2013, 2016 and now 2030. Forty-five years ago, global cooling destroyed the planet. And as people in Texas die from the cold, Bill Gates wants to pollute the atmosphere to block sunlight and make it even colder.

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  1. Steve says:

    My prediction: Washington Post, July 15, 2021

    Heat Returns With A Vengeance
    After last February’s once in a lifetime cold event, Texas is now heating up twice as fast as the rest of the United States, scientists say.

  2. Klaus says:

    Solar panels are only good for use in space. They are useless on the ground because it takes more energy to produce and install them than they can produce in a 25 years life span. Solar panels are always a netto loss of energy.

  3. thurman Zhou says:

    I guess you got kicked off You Tube … again.
    If there was an honor ribbon, it’d be divided in to 4, a broken hockey stick, a boot kicking you off You Tube, a pic of Canal street with 20 feet of water, and snow in south Texas.
    You pose a serious threat to CC.

  4. It’s like listening to a compulsive gambler explaining how his ‘system’ can’t possibly fail. The predictions are rubbish because the underpinning theory has been inappropriately applied by people who are clearly oblivious of the assumptions implicit in it. It is always the incompetent who are so cocksure of themselves. Real scientists tend to be more cautious in their proclamations.

    • Bob Cherba (@rbcherba) says:

      I have an EE degree from the middle of the last century, and my wife frequently kids me about the uncertainty I express related to solving various daily problems. I don’t state solutions in terms of the numerical probability of success, but I seldom say my “fix” is a sure thing. In the power plants, recent engineering graduates learned rather quickly to be “more cautious in their proclamations” because their first “sure fix” often didn’t solve the problem. Sometimes they would blame failure on the workers implementing their “fix”; however, we had a strike at a nuclear plant nearing completion and engineers had the opportunity to implement their own solutions. Surprise, surprise, when they implemented their own solutions they still didn’t work. They were less cocksure after that.

  5. richard c merrill says:

    When Kerry’s IQ gets to 80, he should sell!

  6. John says:

    Kerry was a doofus as Secretary of State and he is a doofus as Climate Czar.

  7. Ron says:

    The whole climate crap is a scam. Kerry is an idiot. I like the idea of using every means of energy we can, that works and meets the need. we will need more energy going into the future. I guess I will find out if my wind and solar setup works or not. most people use a lot of power. Gas is now up over fifty cents a gallon since the election. A new tax nobody talks about.

  8. Kevin Petersen says:

    John Kerry should be tried for treason, but that’s another story.

  9. S.K. Dodsland says:

    Data manipulation has increased dramatically and the models have no credibility.

    There is no physical basis for assuming that the unit feedback response from 2020 onward will be even 14 times the unit feedback response from 1850-2020. At most it might be about 1.1-1.2 times the earlier unit feedback response. Therefore, even the 2 K lower-bound global warming predicted by the models, which implies X = 14, is way over the top.

    This is the most straightforward way of showing that the models’ global-warming predictions are without a shred of legitimacy or credibility. They are elaborate fictions. They suffer from two defects: they are grossly excessive, and they are accordingly ill-constrained.

  10. Russell Boyd says:

    Can someone explain to me that if CO2 levels in the atmosphere are aprox 400ppm (0.04%) and that the optimum required CO2 levels for most efficient plant growth is 800ppm – 1200ppm , why then are we not wanting more CO2 in the atmosphere to help feed an evergrowing population.
    Russ from Oz

    • Richard says:

      Yes Russel- the whole CO2 is a LIE, Al Gore when he was in university his professor was working on how to measure heating from ice core samples using CO2. Al Gore got it wrong in his Book blaming Global Warming on CO2- he GOT IT WRONG and for the last 40+ years he has used the SAME Lie over and over to they point he believes CO2 is the evil gas
      OMNI interview
      In March 1984–15 years ago, mind you–Omni magazine published an extensive interview with Revelle.
      Omni: A problem that has occupied your attention for many years is the increasing levels of CO2 in the atmosphere, which could cause the Earth’s climate to become warmer. Is this actually happening?
      Revelle: I estimate that the total increase [in CO2] over the past hundred years has been about 21 percent. But whether the increase will lead to a significant rise in global temperature, we can’t absolutely say.
      Omni: [If it happens], what will the warming of the Earth mean to us?
      Revelle: There may be lots of effects. Increased CO2 in the air acts like a fertilizer for plants. . . . you get more plant growth. Increasing CO2 levels also affect water transpiration, causing plants to close their pores and sweat less. That means plants will be able to grow in drier climates.
      Omni: Does the increase in CO2 have anything to do with people saying the weather is getting worse?
      Revelle: People are always saying the weather’s getting worse. Actually, the CO2 increase is predicted to temper weather extremes.

  11. currentresident says:

    Bill Gates wants to pollute the atmosphere to block sunlight and make it even colder.”

    If he blocks enough sunlight earth could “white out” and become a frozen waste land into eternity

  12. Jessica+pohl says:

    Bill the megalomaniac zillionaire’s knocker is so inflated it automatically blots out the sun anyway.

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