Are Official US Temperature Graphs Credible?

The US was much warmer prior to 60 years ago, but reality wrecks political agendas – so NOAA and NASA tamper with the data to create a non-existent warming trend.

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3 Responses to Are Official US Temperature Graphs Credible?

  1. Steve Cooksey says:

    I’m 72 and both sets of my grandparents came to California in the 1930’s from Oklahoma and Kansas. I remember the stories they told of heat and drought back then. They would laugh if they were told we’re experiencing record heat now.

  2. Richard says:

    the BIGGEST Lie by NASA Kindergarten scientists is CO2 is a warming gas- AL GORE got it wrong and has kept the lie alive

  3. Bengt Holmgren says:

    Dear Tony!
    Thanks for your efforts to shed light on what is going on. I find what you do and report credible.
    What is difficult to comprehend is the NASA and other government agencies data”fraud.” These are large bureaucracis with a lot of staff that would not accept data manipulation without reason. And the “reason”/justification must be public.
    It would be very appreciated if you could shed som light on this.
    Thanks again för your efforts.

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