Rewriting The Troposphere

In 1995, NASA’s James Hansen published this graph showing no troposphere warming from 1978 to 1994.

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Five years ago, satellite data from Remote Sensing Systems showed no troposphere warming from 1996 to 2015.  I captured the graph below on March 29, 2016.

Combining the two trends, that implies little or no troposphere warming for thirty-eight years from 1978 to 2015. But that didn’t suit the agenda, so Carl Mears altered the data to create a strong warming trend.

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

This animation shows how the data was changed.

I predicted this would happen on 

Look for the satellite data to be adjusted to bring it into compliance with the fully fraudulent surface temperatures. The Guardian is now working to discredit UAH, so it seems likely that RSS will soon be making big changes – to match the needs of the climate mafia. Bookmark this post.


I made this prediction because Ted Cruz used an RSS graph in a Senate hearing in March of 2015. Carl Mears at RSS then came under intense pressure to make his data match the surface temperature data.

My particular dataset (RSS tropospheric temperatures from MSU/AMSU satellites) show less warming than would be expected when compared to the surface temperatures. All datasets contain errors. In this case, I would trust the surface data a little more because the difference between the long term trends in the various surface datasets (NOAA, NASA GISS, HADCRUT, Berkeley etc) are closer to each other than the long term trends from the different satellite datasets. This suggests that the satellite datasets contain more “structural uncertainty” than the surface dataset.

Ted Cruz says satellite data show the globe isn’t warming

Roy Spencer at UAH made the same prediction on January 9, 2017

“I expect there will soon be a revised TLT product from RSS which shows enhanced warming, too.

Here’s what I’m predicting:

1) neither John Christy nor I will be asked to review the paper

2) it will quickly sail through peer review (our UAH V6 paper is still not in print nearly 1 year after submission)

3) it will have many authors, including climate model people and the usual model pundits (e.g. Santer), which will supposedly lend legitimacy to the new data adjustments.

Let’s see how many of my 3 predictions come true.


Satellite and radiosonde data showed no warming from 1978 to 1994 and no warming from 1996 to 2015. But now NASA shows 0.7C warming at the surface from 1978 to 2015.

Wood for Trees: Interactive Graphs

According to global warming theory, the troposphere should warm faster than the surface – but global warming theory doesn’t officially take into account politics and money.

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