Dr. Suess Is Now Too Sensitive For Twitter

Over the past year, government, the press and social media have stripped Americans of their freedom, money, mobility, livelihood, reliable energy supply, right to choose their leaders in a fair election, due process, free speech and the right to self-defense. And they tell us the real threats are Mr. Potato Head, Dr. Suess and some guy in a buffalo hat.

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10 Responses to Dr. Suess Is Now Too Sensitive For Twitter

  1. richard says:

    “A persons a person no matter how small.” – Dr Suess

  2. J Tee says:

    From there to here and from here to there.
    Demoralization and totalitarianism are EVERYWHERE!!

  3. Charles Straw says:

    Dr Suess’s “The Cat In The Hat” is all about fun, rebellion and thumbing one’s nose at authority…it was a huge influence on my early life

  4. Charles Straw says:

    As an added note, Dr Suess Enterprises obviously doesn’t realise that tens of thousands of previously purchased copies of these (newly discontinued) books are currently spreading racism to unsuspecting readers

    Dr Suess Enterprises is obviously unaware that it’s more effective to ban books before they’re printed and distributed worldwide

  5. Mark Luhman says:

    He showed us our differences did not matter, so of course he need to be canceled. How is the left to move forward if the cannot exploit out differences since they have nothing else!

  6. Russell Cook says:

    PotentialBabylonBeeHeadline™: “New orders for Dr Seuss books at Amazon skyrocket as Amazon administrators watch potential profits literally go up in smoke behind their warehouses”

  7. G W Smith says:

    When down is up and up is down and I am afraid to go outside anymore that I might float into space.

  8. Tel says:

    Dr Suess’ “The Lorax” is an exercise in dishonesty.

    Anyone claiming to “speak for the trees” or for that matter claiming to speak for anyone other than themselves is a snake oil salesman and should be treated with great suspicion. Farmers are perfectly capable of figuring out how to replant their crops even without some dingbat (usually from government or a do-gooder organization) telling them how to manage their farm, their business and their lives … because hey, I speak for the corn stalks, you believe that, right?!?

    Even though I dislike the book, I don’t want to ban it … better to explain to people how the lie operates.

  9. Joel says:

    Well, now are children can entertained by reading the venerable Carl Marx as a bedtime story. That’s swell.

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