The End Of Canadian Skiing

Fifteen years ago, the New York Times announced the end of skiing at Whistler, Canada,

Opinion | PROBLEMS AT WHISTLER – The New York Times

That isn’t the problem they are having there however.

Skier killed, others injured in ‘high-risk’ avalanches this week near Whistler – Comox Valley Record

B.C. ski resorts celebrate record-breaking season | Toronto Star

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4 Responses to The End Of Canadian Skiing

  1. Lance says:

    Well, the problem for Americans, is they can’t cross the border now!!!

  2. warren walker says:

    Currently at Winthrop, WA – nordic skiing in the Methow Valley. The trails association may extend the spring season this year – too much snow on the ground.

  3. Robert Rust says:

    I’ve lived in Whistler since 1980, that’s when I started shovelling, and I’m still shovelling, when I’m not shovelling , that means I’m skiing, some things never change.

  4. DM says:

    “Drat! Missed again!” The next ice age failed to materialize. Global warming paused. Rising seas failed to drown Pacific atolls and Manhattan. Hurricane numbers & intensity failed to trend upward. Instead of becoming extinct, polar bears are thriving.
    Now this;-(!

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