New Video : We Believe Shoveling Is Real

While the @CityOfCheyenne is busy virtue signaling about saving the climate, plastic bags, and useless face coverings – we got tired of waiting for them to do their real job, and did it for them.

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  1. Nicholas McGinley says:

    Back when Irving Berlin wrote “God Bless America”, the song rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.
    In response to that song, a man name Woddie Guthrie wrote the song “America the Beautiful”. That song was written as a response to the first song.

    Whenever I hear that Paved Paradise song, I cannot help thinking of this song, by Talking heads, called “(Nothing but) Flowers”

  2. Ken says:

    Ice Core from 1 mile below Greenland ice shows suprising results.

    • arn says:

      Nothing surprising.
      Just what everyone knew and is now confirmed.

      That periodic ice melt greenlands is the reason greenland got its name from,
      as it was green during that period ((and not a name of middle age PR as some “experts” started to claim some years ago,as people who would have moved to greenland to find a rock of ice would have returned and told the truth and an exodus towards greenland would have been stopped in the very beginning,as people only move(and stay) in a region where they can improve or at minimum keep their living standards).

      Of course these bastards could not resist to blame co2 somehow for a cyclical warming.

  3. Toxi says:

    How do I write to Tony Heller, I want to give him one of my new songs about the climate, maybe he could use it in one of his music videos). It has a fine recommendation – it was banned from Spotify!
    Toxi Melanqo

  4. Bob Noble says:

    We had a pretty good dump of “global warming” in Longmont. Nothing like 2006, but very wet, heavy snow. Apparently, we received over 2.5 inches (melted equivalent) in about 12 hours.

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