Restoring The Pleasant Climate Of 310 PPM CO2

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18 Responses to Restoring The Pleasant Climate Of 310 PPM CO2

  1. G W Smith says:

    Yes indeed, and everyone knows it: CO2 controls the climate.

  2. Steve Cooksey says:

    My Dad owned a 1932 Ford with a flat head V8. It was his fault.

  3. Conrad Ziefle says:

    When they say that 97% of all climate scientists agree, I think, I bet that 97% of all climate scientists graduated in the last thirty years, and probably entered climatology to save the world from global warming. In any case, it seems that most of them failed to grasp the key principle of Climatology 101: The difference between weather and climate. As best I can tell, for them weather is the difference between today and last week, climate is the difference between today and twenty years ago, and anything before twenty years ago didn’t exist.

  4. Ericwickham says:

    Thanks Tony
    You’re the best scientist in America!

  5. Rando says:

    Kids today are taught the Dust Bowl was caused by “over farming” the midwest. Propaganda education is a joke.

  6. Virginia Silcox says:

    Any ideas about the cycles or influences that coincided to cause that horrible heat wave? It seemed to affect the entire country, and there wasn’t much industrialization in most of those areas. I wonder what brought the CO2 down so low.

  7. arn says:

    The good old 300ppm times.

    When climate was perfect,
    (climate experts were therefore non existing)
    when no storms,
    no droughts,
    no forest fires,
    no floods existed
    and sea level was rising a lousy insignificant 3.3mm a year on average.

    But something bad must have happened in the 1980ies(After 12 billion years co2 got some new ,real bad attributes)
    that made Schneider,Holdren,Ehrlich and the rest of the mafia switch from ice age to global warming.
    And nowadays there are floods,droughts,storms
    and sea levels are rising at threatening,never seen before,record breaking 3.3mm a year.

    And let’s be thankful for all these AGW co2 catastrophies as otherwise
    institutions like the UN would be useless and obsolete
    and there would be no excuse or reason for a global power grab.
    But somehow everything that happens this days,even if it doesnt happen in reality,help the UN become more powerful-
    as if the creators of the UN already knew decades ago that those things would happen right in time to legitimize UN agendas.

  8. Scott Allen says:

    Tony: I regret to inform you that we have not received your notarized application to live in Wyoming, Please sign and return no later than 1 April 2021

    1). I ___________ hereby understand that Wyoming is a quiet state because there are so many guns. ‘An armed society is a polite society.’ I understand that I will not be required to own a gun, but it is sort of seen as an embarrassment if I don’t own at least six or more.

    2). As a citizen of Wyoming I_____________ understand that I will be expected to earn my own way. It is expected that I will help those in need, but being in need of help is never to be a permanent condition.

    3). I ___________ understand that I am to mind my own business, as those around me are expected to mind their own.

    4). It is understood that I __________ am expected to make fun of Colorado, even if that is where I escaped from.

    5). I ____________ promise that I will never ask where the “safe space” is. I will “cowboy up” and deal with it.

    your name or cattle brand

    notary public

  9. John Draike says:

    I am also to blame for climate change, I drove a sixty five Chevy Bel Air for many years. I shed “White tears of shame” for the harm I caused the planet.

  10. Loren says:

    Oh, the “Good old days!” LOL

    In another period in time, James Hansen, Michael Mann and their band of fraudsters would have been dragged into the public square, then tarred and feathered by now. They fact they’re still suckling on the public teat is criminal.

  11. John says:

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  12. Linwood says:

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