The Greatest Life Saver In History

Flu has killed hundreds of millions of people over the last few thousand years, but COVID-19 has apparently cured it. That would make COVID-19 the biggest life saver in history.


Weekly U.S. Influenza Surveillance Report | CDC

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16 Responses to The Greatest Life Saver In History

  1. BCrane says:

    All flu cases are likely redefined as COVID since their is a likely financial incentive to report it that way. GIGO

  2. G W Smith says:

    When in doubt, call it Covid. Hey, it’s ‘free money,’ it’s got to go somewhere.

  3. arn says:

    Thanks god we brainwashed the population for decades
    fake AGW statistics so that the population reached a mental stage where even the most obvious fakery is acceppted without any questions.

    Now let’s add some mercury to our mandatory vaccines to give them the final dumb down and humanity will reach the point of no return in terms of mental slavery.

  4. Steve Cooksey says:

    I got a flu shot last September. That was a waste of time. There is no flu.

  5. Michael Moore says:

    Identical symptoms to the covid sniffles. Just re-badge the flu as covid and bingo – no more flu.

  6. Dave Ellis says:

    The idiocracy of the CDC and the sheeple who believe them is astounding.

  7. Robert B says:

    A comment on the link mentions that they aren’t being recorded.

  8. Gerald Machnee says:

    Until last fall the tests did not distinguish between flu and Covid.

  9. David Caddie says:


  10. Bruce says:

    A friend of mine told me that the reason the flu cases were so low this season is that we were all wearing masks and avoiding social interactions.
    Of course, he’s also convinced that since it was warmer yesterday then the day before, there is global warming

  11. ChrisC says:

    Two possibilities:

    1) Preventative measures which don’t appear to work against COVID actually work like gangbusters against Influenza.
    2) A whole bunch of people who have “died from COVID” also had Influenza which would have caused their death anyway – in a normal year – would have been counted as Influenza deaths.

    I think both are possible, but I expect #2 is more plausible.

  12. czechlist says:

    Can’t help but question the reporting of the testing. Strange that the contiguous 48 follow the same trend almost exactly and surge according to CDC and Fauxi predictions. As Stalin reportedly opinined – it is important who counts the votes.

  13. David A Nichols says:

    We must always question authority. That does not mean to reject authority out of hand. Is it legitimate authority? How does it get its money? Follow the money trail. Who will benefit from this or that program pushed by the so-called authorities? Think critically. Think logically. Think for yourself. And remember the golden rule: Those with the gold, rule. And finally, the definition of “to govern” is “to control.” How much control do you need from a politician or bureaucrat?

  14. Tony.
    I’m a big fan of yours from Australia.
    How do I send an email to share some of the alarmist articles being published in Australia with zero push-back.

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