Worse Than They Predicted

Ten years ago, the University of Michigan said that thirty years of declining snow cover was making global warming worse than they predicted.

“If the Earth were just a static rock, we could calculate precisely what the level of warming would be, given a perturbation to the system. But because of these feedback mechanisms we don’t know exactly how the climate will respond to increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide,” Flanner said.

“Our analysis of snow and sea ice changes over the last 30 years indicates that this cryospheric feedback is almost twice as strong as what models have simulated. The implication is that Earth’s climate may be more sensitive to increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide and other perturbations than models predict.”

Shrinking Snow and Ice Cover Intensify Global Warming | National News | US News

Over the past thirty years, Northern Hemisphere snow cover has trended upwards about 500,000 square kilometers.

N. Hemisphere

Also over the past 30 years, there have been dozens of international climate agreements, including the most recent one to lock everybody up in their homes. None of them have had any impact on the rate of CO2 growth in the atmosphere.

Global Monitoring Laboratory – Carbon Cycle Greenhouse Gases

US CO2 emissions have been declining for almost twenty years and only comprise about 10% of global emissions, yet experts told us that survival of the planet depended on the US electing Joe Biden and re-entering the Paris accord.

CO₂ and Greenhouse Gas Emissions – Our World in Data

Scientific American Endorses Joe Biden – Scientific American

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22 Responses to Worse Than They Predicted

  1. S.K. says:

    I beg to differ, Biden did not receive 80 million legitimate votes.

    -Michael Lindell Voting anomalies begin-12:40
    -Col. Waldron 12:40-23:45 
    -Russel Ramsland Allied Security Oper. Group 23:45-48:45
    -Dr. Shiva MIT Systems Designer 48:50-1:02:00
    -Matt Deperno Michigan lawyer Antrim, MI lawsuit 1:08:15-1:36:00
    -Marry Fanning digital proof 1;36:00-1:49:30
    -Gen. McInerney China cyber attack 1:49:30-1:53:45

    Summary of the issues with Dominion and ES&S voting systems.

  2. G W Smith says:

    Is the left really that dumb, or do they have a plan so diabolical that we refuse to consider it possible?

    • mikeyh0 says:

      There it is. People simply cannot believe that government would ever lie so egregiously. That is, people who have been brought up in government-run schools in the past 40 years, anyway. The older folks started warning the rest and suddenly C-19 took hold and is the icing on the cake of fear and ignorance. A hopeless situation is literally the definition of hell.

    • James Henry says:

      Not sure the “left” is dumb. It’s just that they know most of the population is dumb. So they can peddle this junk science without be called out by the media or politicians.

    • Robert Rust says:

      Left = Right, one parasite family acting as first-billing protagonist and 2nd-billing antagonist to keep humanity, the low-paid extra, voting for their own enslavement to the parasite family, enslaved and belief-controlled modern humanity not cluing into the movie they are taking as real and as their life.

    • arn says:

      The answer is easy.
      If someone is so succesful on so many levels to screw people
      and countries
      (no matter we talk about Climate(co2),dollar(FED),an education system that has been restructured to systematically dumb people down,
      a monopol on news and big tech,impunity for all their warmongering tools called president,)
      to always turn out the big winner out of every crisis,
      to create a future world gorvernment UN in New York as result of
      the same city(wall street) financing Hitler and before the ‘russian’ revolution
      by sending Trotzky from New York ,and before that(Kuhn&Loeb) paying tons of money to Japan to wage war on Russia after the first revolution failed to weaken the country so the second revolution can succeed(Kuhn&Loeb
      ,just like Rockfellers who donated the UN territory in New York,are not just from the same city but both are co owners of the FED)
      it is impossible to call them dumb.

      btw,it is not really about communism(thats just a name to disguise a system of not just totalitarian,but total controle.
      Be it internet,news,food,energy creation and supply,education,health,vaccination.)
      If we think in terms of Human Pest Controle we may be on the right track.
      And if someone wonders how the hell it could happen that the four biggest empires were either replaced and/or highjacked during the very same timeframe
      (Russia 1917(revolution),Ottoman Empire 1922(young turks who used similar rhetorics as the woke and bolshewiks)
      Chinese Empire 1912,USA fed 1913.)
      Well,you need to get rid of all big empires first if you want to create a one world government.

  3. nobler says:

    My grandmother gave me my first subscription to Scientific American in 1966. Discussing new and exciting scientific discoveries was the favorite pastime of the nerd crowd I hung out with at school (a crowd that included the US junior chess champion). Sadly, it wasn’t too many years until Scientific American changed from a popular scientific journal to a left leaning propaganda machine for the only “true” science that they propounded; global warming. I remember a time when I looked forward to receiving that magazine. I also remember the day that, in disgust, I threw the latest edition into the trash and tore up the renewal notice.

  4. Clive Horridge says:

    The world has turned upside down, must be something to do with pole reversal … smh

    • mikeyh0 says:

      Or poll reversal.

    • Robert Rust says:

      That’s exactly what it is, pole star shifts, pole star to pole star as the Earth wobbles on its axis.

      The rulers/leaders of modern humanity think they are 1. night-sky pole stars, the sky “world”-ruling star-family of the celestial sky that all other stars are said to “follow”, i.e., rotate around, and 2. head stars of zodiacal constellations, the nationalists, the 12 tribes/nations of Is-Ra-El, an old “Egyptian”/Chemit word for the night time celestial sky, also rotating around/following the celestial “world”-ruling pole stars, the one-worlders. Republiscamps, the nationalists, Demonrats, the one worlders, all of the same inbreeding family, the celestial-night-sky worship family, the cult clan.

      The constellation Leo is Judah the lion, son of the faint/weak/diminutive polestar Jacob, also called David, the left foot of the giant constellation Hercules also known as Goliath and Esau, a warrior/hunter constellation “from the field”, i.e., not of the actual pole star ring. Before faint polestar Jacob-David-Paris, highly visible constellation Goliath-Hercules-Esau represented the polestar location because no actual pole stars are visible between its right and left feet, both pole stars. Thusly, diminutive pole star David “defeats” constellation Goliath/Hercules to become the next, true ruler of the night celestial sky, the “King/ruler of Is-Ra-El”. Repeating the same story, faint pole star Jacob, 2nd born twin, is “puzzling” given his 1st-born twin brother Esau/Hercules rulership/fathership/”birthright” of the night sky, Jacob then taking on the name Israel, since the pole star Jacob starts to rule the night celestial sky Is-Ra-El. The two “wives” of pole star Jacob are Rachel, the young, beautiful, morning star Venus, and Leah, the older, less beautiful, evening star Venus, Venus being a planet seen only in the morning and evening close to the sun because it is inside the orbit of Earth. Polestar Jacob’s and constellation Esau’s “father” is Isaac, the right foot of constellation Hercules-Goliath-Esau that is an actual pole star on the pole star ring, with the “wife” of pole star Isaac being Rebekah, the captivating, zodiac-encompassing, beautiful Moon. The Hebrew/Holy bible, a collection of ancient mythology stories massaged by rabbi monks, describes in colourful story-form, not to be taken literally, the “creation”, i.e., the presence and behaviour, of the bodies of the celestial sky. Someone took the stories literally, posing it as describing themselves, and ran with it.

      Judah-ism is night-sky pole star and zodiac-constellation worship, of course occurring under cover of the night, i.e., candle-lighting rituals, secrecy, covert behaviour, behind-the-curtain deals and under-the-table handshakes, all founded on lie- and confusion-spreading, racketeering and profiteering, mafiasm, aka parasitism. Modern Religion is literally-taken ancient mythology, the story-form description of the celestial sky/universe, taken literally and pushed upon humanity as a means to dumb-down and subjugate humanity to the inbreeding leaders/rulers of modern humanity, the parasite family, the inbreeding, mafia-structured, society-infiltrating, world-trading Phoenicians of the coastal Levant of 6000 years ago that spread the lie that ancient mythology was describing the Phoenicians, not the celestial sky. Turn on the tv, see a movie, listen to a politician, observe a prominent/famous figure, witness the heads of modern societal institutions, and see and hear a Phoenician, your master, talking to you, acting/faking itself as your pole star and zodiacal constellation leader.

      Welcome to Modern Civilization, the blue pill, the Big Lie. Ancient Civilization and ancient mythology is the red pill, the truth. To know who your master is, ask yourself who you are afraid to criticize.

  5. David Yaw says:

    It is almost like these scientists don’t realize that negative feedbacks dominate in nature. Even in extremely chaotic weather systems (say hurricanes), the sensitivity of the system to wind shear, water temperature, land geography is amazing. Just a few of the systems cause rapid increase while most can drop the power very quickly. If the positive feedbacks were all there were, the temperature would be spinning out of control all the time.

  6. mikeyh0 says:

    I saw a video about all the wind farms scattered about – especially the one that destroys the scenic horizon in Britain – that are now wearing out and need to be removed. The scientists and engineers seem perplexed that erosion from salt water and other factors reduced the expected life span of these mostly useless and vey ugly disasters. Like they couldn’t factor that in? And the disposal nightmare this is creating is enormous. Send more money. MORE MONEY will fix it.

  7. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Frankly, I don’t think they could predict the warming even if the earth were a static rock, unless the rock were uniformly of the same mineral and the atmosphere completely H2O vapor free.
    As far as their data tampering goes, which they openly admit, one might ask why did they begin to tampering with the data? Did the original data show some anomaly over time? Actually the original set of temperature data was self consistent over time, and only the tampered data is incongruous. This alone should lead to major questions from the scientific community.

  8. rah says:

    Yea! Right. A guy that really didn’t campaign and couldn’t draw flies to his rally or so called “town halls”. The only people fooled by that crap are the fools.

  9. rah says:

    Ha! If Iceland pulls another 1783-84 event or worse on us, a whole of this BS is going by the wayside. https://www.wired.com/2013/06/local-and-global-impacts-1793-laki-eruption-iceland/

  10. hotwire says:

    Climate apocalyptic proponents aren’t just telling white lies. An ignorant society believes and the wise ascertain the facts.

  11. Robert B says:

    They’d still stuff it up even if it were a static rock. I can’t get an answer on the expected difference in mean temperatures of a sphere of individual black bodies and a real black body. I figure that the latter should be a factor of 2.7 warmer.

  12. David Craig says:

    How can I contact Tony Heller? I would like his permission to use his material for a new book called “THERE IS NO CLIMATE CRISIS”

    David Craig (Author of 10 current affairs books) originalbookco@yahoo.co.uk

  13. Gummans Gubbe says:

    I found that CO2 vs year plot interesting. We just got the (“Fossil CO2 emissions in the post-COVID-era” in Nature Climate Change, 11, 197-199) article that shows dramatic variations in human CO2 production.

    It is as the human CO2 production is completely swamped by the natural ones! Also: Yes, the Kyoto and Paris agreements were followed by massive increases in human CO2.

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