New York Times Definitions

Three months ago Joe Biden cancelled thousands of jobs and the Keystone Pipeline, and the New York Times cheered him on and said it was good policy.

Biden Cancels Keystone XL Pipeline and Rejoins Paris Climate Agreement – The New York Times

Last week, someone shut down a pipeline for four days causing gas shortages – and the New York Times called it an attack.

Cyberattack Forces a Shutdown of a Top U.S. Pipeline – The New York Times

Biden Cancels Keystone XL Pipeline and Rejoins Paris Climate Agreement – The New York Times

Meanwhile the White House says “100% of our focus is …  putting people back to work.”

WH press sec. says “100% of our focus is on delivering relief for the American people.” #news #biden #covid19

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  1. Michael Spencer says:

    But Joe is ‘saving the planet’ don’t you know? He’s saving it for ‘our children and grandchildren’. Very noble ……

    • Richard says:

      Stealing the planet in the Shell game of Green new Deal – it a scam to steal $$$ from rich nations and give to Academic Liberal Socialists who believe they know best what to do with our Trillions $$$$

  2. Caleb Shaw says:

    They are not even trying to be sly any more. Perhaps it is a sort of nervous breakdown, and they are incapable. The good part is that I used to look like some whack-job with conspiracy theories; now I don’t need to say a word. People watch them in horrified disbelief. It is like their pants fell down, or Toto pulled back the curtain and the sham is exposed. Have faith. If God has falsehood exposed it is so Truth can be revealed.

    By the way, (and off topic) have you noticed the odd circular hole in the sea-ice that has persisted for over a month at roughly 95 north and 110 east (in NRL thickness map). Volcano?

    My sea-ice posts used to get over 200 views a day. Now I’m below 35.

    • stewartpid says:

      Too much poetry and not enough sea ice ;-)

      • Caleb Shaw says:

        Fountains of lava in Iceland as much as a thousand feet high. If lava can pour out that fast in Iceland why not at the bottom of the Arctic Sea? After all, it is sort of an extension of the mid Atlantic ridge.

        Around fifteen to twenty years into the Dalton Minimum there were two of the biggest eruptions of the past 250 years, seen in ice cores in both Greenland and Antarctica. We know one was Tambora in Indonesia but the other is a mystery. Now we are fifteen to twenty years into the “Quiet Sun” So perhaps we shouldn’t be surprised if volcanoes start popping.

  3. MGJ says:

    Whenever somebody comes out with “100% of our focus…”, “Our only consideration is…”, “If it may save one life…”, you know you are listening to an idiot or are being manipulated by someone who thinks you are an idiot.

  4. Lance says:

    Wonder how the Michigan governor we be chariactised tomorrow if she shuts down line 5….guessing a hero, I’d say zero

    • dm says:

      UPDATE: Gov. Witless did order Enbridge to shut down line #5. She did so AFTER seeing the chaos caused by closing the Colonial Pipeline. Thus, harming Jane & James Mainstreet must be okay with her;-(

      Further evidence of her inhumanity includes abuse of the C19 outbreak. She ordered congregate care facilitities to admit C19 infected people. She endorsed suspending classroom instruction. She imposed lockdowns. She prosecuted those opposing lockdowns. She is overseeing a subpar vaccination program, in a state with high infection and mortality rates:-(

  5. Caleb Shaw says:

    It seems to me that the misinformation and hypocrisy of Alarmists has become far more brazen. This also makes it more obvious to the ordinary laymen.

    In a sense we are involved in a war without guns, which I think the Left thinks they can win with sheer censorship of the Truth, combined with propaganda which is so far from the Truth it makes ordinary laymen roll their eyes. The left writes that “ordinary people” all agree with them, but in New Hampshire they are quite wrong about this. “Ordinary people” increasingly see them as full of -bleep-. The left is increasingly living in a state of delusion, which makes them so over-confident and so sloppy, when fabricating their misinformation, that they unknowingly are increasingly transparent, which is causing increasing disgust among the general public.

    So keep on fighting the good fight, Tony. Stand by the Truth and the Truth will stand by you.

    Not that we won’t have to put up with some censorship. “Hits” on my sea-ice posts have gone from over 200 to under 40. But rather seeing this as a sign I am getting less attention I flatter myself that it means I am getting more attention, from Leftist nitwits.

    Forgive me for self-advertising, but an odd hole has appeared in the sea-ice for over a month at around 85 north and 110 east, and it sits in the same place even when the sea-ice moves. I postulate it may be due the warm plume of water rising from nd undersea volcano.

  6. G W Smith says:

    Only a liberal would swallow such duplicity.

  7. GreyGeek says:

    Dr Alfred Bartlett remarked about the definition of modern agriculture: it’s “the use of land to convert petroleum into food.”

    Biden doesn’t realize that when he reduces or stops the production of oil he is cutting off transportation and food to Americans. We are beginning to see the affects already. Since Biden was sworn in gas prices in my state have jumped $1, to $3.15/gal. Some food stuffs have disappeared from grocery shelves or are in short supply. My monthly grocery bill has risen by around $50. The Marxist “fact checkers” say the opposite, that I shouldn’t believe my lying eyes, or bank account statements.

    Americans who voted for Biden do not realize that oil shortages will affect their lives as well. When their price of food gets so high that they can’t afford it they’ll start looking for scapegoats among their political enemies. Their leaders will sense that and their first acts will be show-trials of the owners and managers of fossil energy companies. After those folks are thrown to the wolves the Marxists will began looking for “energy hogs”, but not among their own number, so Pelosi, Waters, Feinstein, or Gore won’t have anything to worry about. They’ll harass and financially penalize the states who voted conservatively in 2020. Then they’ll pick out wealthy self-employed entrepreneurs to blame and punish, but not themselves, Mark Cuban, Bill Gates or Warren Buffet, or other prominent Marxists. Or, the Hollywood, academia or media elite.

    Want to know where and how it will all end? We already have a model. Venezuela was a wealthy country because it was setting on a huge oil reserve, just like America. In January 2020, Venezuela had 303 billion barrels of proved oil reserves, the largest in the world. Their production has fallen from around 3.3 M/Bpd to around 100-200K/Bpd.

    Their citizens, on average, were among the wealthiest in South America. Chavez came along and promised them a lot off free stuff without having to work for it. Even a monthly basic income. Sound familiar? Once you vote Marxists it you cannot vote them out. Venezuela has lost its ability to supply even it own oil needs. It cannot feed itself. About 5-6 million Venezuelans have left their country for other places. Those who remained are slowing starving to death. The only people who have regular meals are the thugs Murado uses to keep himself in power for life and to keep the citizens “in line”.

    If the Marxist power grab continues in this country where will you migrate to?

    • Jake Sinclair says:

      anyone who thinks this wasn’t an inside job can’t think

    • czechlist says:

      Cuban Gates Buffet sounds like a dining opportunity.
      What is the current virtue signal to indulgence rate? is it being inflated as much and as quickly as the $US?

  8. mwhite says:

    Coincidence solar eruption and pipeline failure??????

    • GreyGeek says:

      No. A solar eruption would not be so narrowly targeted.

      IMO, it was an inside job (i.e., our own CIA or NSA, or the newly woke US military) designed as a “twofer”: to punish the Southern Tier of states that voted for Trump, and to “fight” the CO2 rise. I doubt the Chinese or Russians would waste their zero-day exploits just to knock oil off line for a few days.

      As it turned out major metropolitan areas in the SE that voted for Biden were affected the most.

  9. Asher Pat says:

    USA gets that it voted-for. Even if voting fraud added millions, still, tens of millions voted for what we are seeing now.

    Blacks and latinos made an “anti-white” vote, this can be almost understood are a rational vote of the lower-class that wants to distribute the wealth of the upper class.

    But at least 20 million whites voted for self-cancellation because it is clear that the Left wants to complete the change the demographics and make whites a minority (the frog-boiling began more than 50 yrs ago).

  10. Don says:

    Meanwhile, Biden will allow the Russian pipeline to Germany to go through.

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