The Biden Effect

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3 Responses to The Biden Effect

  1. Michael Spencer says:

    Democrat (or its political equivalent) formula: FEAR + IGNORANCE = STUPIDITY! (And political control!)

    This applies equally to both the weather and to the coronavirus situation …..

    (Oh! I hope that I haven’t offended anyone by saying that ……)

  2. Dr Barton says:

    Of course you will have offended every woke person including those pseudo scientists and alarmists that have no idea of real science but are experts in the nonsensical pseudo religion of the the scam that human emissions of carbon dioxide drive climate change

  3. Darryl Rowe says:

    When did climate ever stop changing??
    Why is CO2, not even Scientifically listed as an Air Pollutant??
    What are these Charlatans proposed ideal CO2 Levels in our Atmosphere?? When the optimum amount of CO2 for plant growth is at least 1200 ppm, when present-day CO2 Level in our Atmosphere is around 400ppm! Where is the Scientific problem?? Yet if CO2 Levels were to fall below 250ppm, little plant life would grow and little would survive!! Co2 Greens our Planet, not Destroying it!! It is Scientifically proven impossible for CO2 or the Greenhouse Effect to cause Global Warming!! THE GLOBAL CHARADE!!

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