“69 percent of the affected people fully vaccinated”

“Seventy-one percent of the cases among Massachusetts residents were found to be symptomatic, with 69 percent of the affected people fully vaccinated.”

Provincetown Coronavirus Cluster Rises To 430 Cases

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  1. Phil Beazley says:

    While here in Australia our info on the US is…
    In today’s (25 July 2021) Sydney paper The Sunday Telegraph ‘Unvaxxed will face highest death risk’ Nobel Laureate Professor Peter Doherty lays out the ‘brutal truth’ about the vaccine hesitant.
    ‘Prof Doherty told The Sunday Telegraph that currently in the US, 97 per cent of people in hospital with Covid are the unvaccinated. “People who are vaccinated can still get infected in their nose and can still transmit,” he said. “That is the risk we need to point out to the unvaccinated. You can’t rely on just sliding by because other people are vaccinated.”‘
    And so it goes….

    • Petit_Barde says:

      97% seems to be a frequently used pseudo-science number.

      But it doesn’t match the data :


      From 1 February 2021 to 21 June 2021, Delta variant deaths (see p. 14) :
      – unvaccinated : 38
      – fully vaccinated : 50

      Mean (temporal barycenter) day of infection (28 days between infection and death) :
      -April 15-20 (estimation using worldometers deaths in UK, assuming that there were 0 deaths due to delta variant before 1 February and that the trend is linear from 1 February to 21 June).
      From ourworldindata.org :
      – % of fully vaccinated at mean day of infection (20 April) : 15.3%
      – % of unvaccinated at mean day of infection (100% – %vaccinated, 20 April) : > 51,2%

      Fully vaccinated : 50 deaths among 15.3% of the population,
      Unvaccinated : 38 deaths among 51,2% of the population.

      So 50/0.153/38*0.512 = 4.4 more deaths among fully vaccinated than unvaccinated in England.

      Most of the fully vaccinated are vulnerable and ederly, so we can’t conclude anything, but clearly, this 97% narrative does not fit data.

      • David A says:

        The US data may vary. The US may have the deepest state. AFAIK they are not tracking vaccinated asymptomatic cases. AFAIK, they are not testing the vaccinated near as much as the unvaccinated. An honest government would have those statistics out in the open.

        BOTH Israel and the UK are showing deeply failed vaccines. There is no reason the US experience would be different. All relevant numbers of infected and hospitalized must give the dates tested and percentage of each to have any meaning. They have all the numbers.

    • BartieBeanz says:

      Well, it sounds like Prof Dowhatisay certainly knows his stuff. I wonder if he’s tenured or just adjunkt.

  2. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Dr. Peter McCullough on Frank Speech said that the delta variant has avoided the vaccine because of its shortened spikes. This means that it is more contagious, and I suppose that the vaccine won’t stop it for most people, Since the spike is the part that tears cells up, this variant is less deadly. So, logically, it naturally is milder because of the adaptations it has made to get into our bodies, which is somewhat the natural course of a virus, i.e. become less dangerous so that it can coexist with its host. So even a manufactured bioweapon will follow the natural course evolution once it is in the nature world. I think anyone who has been involved with “gain of function” in any way needs to be arrested for crimes against humanity. Any nation that persists in playing with bioweapons needs its leaders arrested and its labs taken over and shut down.

    • Robert Rust says:

      There’s no such thing as “viruses”, they are mislabeled cellular protein and Dna/Rna waste matter, normal to all living creatures. Study Natural Hygiene to realize the true nature and cause of disease. Briefly, disease begins with the over saturation of the body in its metabolic waste due to being overburdened by digestive/nutritional work, predominantly due to regular cooked food eating. All species are naturally evolved to eat their food raw as Nature presented it, not denatured by high heat and other artificial means. Denatured food requires immense digestive/nutritional effort to make the denatured nutrients nutritionally available to organisms, and in this body-tiring metabolic, chemical process, large amounts of acidic waste (carbonic, lactic, uric, amino, fatty, enzyme, nuclieic and many more) are created, leading to over-saturation of the entire body and blood stream in acidic wastes as the body falls behind in eliminating the waste due to its eliminative organs and nervous systems becoming tired out. With these high levels of acidic waste that slowly rise over time, sometimes faster such as at festive, food- and beverage-indulgent holidays, the body begins to act symptomatically, or abnormally, called dis-ease, i.e, not at ease, uncomfortably. The chemistry of the body is very sensitive to excess acidity within itself, it does all it can to maintain it within a tight range, and when it goes outside this range, lethargy, tissue irritation, mucous formation, and general poor, unpleasant functioning occurs, the first signs of which are called a cold (chills), and if the poor habits are continued further, the cold symptoms develop into a flu (fever). Rest and a break from eating for a period of time are required, giving the body a chance to slowly catch up on un-eliminated acidic waste, at which point it’ll ready to go full steam again.

      Look into research and discovery by Stefan Lanka, a former virologist, whose research into the history of the development of the “virus” reveals that it is all made-up nonsense based on false scientific practices that the pharmaceutical and medical industry have jumped on in order to vastly increase their drug-pushing profits. Study Bechamp, Natural Hygiene, and Terrain Model to come to understand how disease and health are created. For the purpose of profiting off of symptom-management drugs, Medicine and Pharma and their mainstream cartel members, Media and Government being two, do their best to hide this long-known information from modern humanity.

      • Sunshine Suschi says:

        So true. I changed my diet 9 years ago and haven’t been sick since, and I work in a call center where the latest “bug” is always making the rounds. I have been exposed to “covid positive” people multiple times, even sharing a drink with one, (straw and all); still did not get sick. The germ is nothing, the terrain is everything.

    • Ranch Ghost says:

      I agree that Covid 19 is real and can be deadly, however, if we are citing empirical evidence as fact, here’s even more empirical evidence that things turned strange back in 2020:
      All the Black Angus cows disappeared up here in Alberta on Jan 1, 2020 and the exact same number of Mammalian Herbivores showed up on all the nearby ranches simultaneously and they are like super deadly. [at least that’s what the gub’mint says] They say we need to wear steel armour around the ranch now and shoot bullets [just .22s] into our guts so as to satisfy these new novel Mammalian Herbivore’s blood lust. Seems to be working but it’s still not enough and it looks like we’ll still have to continue to wear the armour and keep shooting bullets into our guts for the foreseeable future. Don’t know how many more we can take. I sure do miss those old Angus cows… don’t know where they went. Seems like a coincidence but that might be considered to be “conspiracy theory” and Cancel Culture is all the rage nowadays. Guess that’s how it goes sometimes. We definitely need to eliminate all the Mammalian Herbivores ww ASAP! so us ranchers can achieve herd immunity from these deadly Herbivores [they seem more like what I’d call ’em: Mammalian Herbiviruses-19 even they still look and act identical to the old cows] They’re sayin’ it’s cosmic rays wut dun it.

  3. Anon says:


    You might want to take a look at this. It is from the pharmaceutical virus/vaccine patent side of things:


    It is the best explanation I have seen so far, as to why the narrative suddenly shifted to Laboratory Escape from Natural Origin.

    In order to get a patent on something it has to be “invented” and not natural. For example you can’t get a patent on “Vitamin C”. So, as this video reveals, almost all of the “components” of COVID19 have been patented (virus capsule, spike protein, furin cleavage site, etc). So, if this were a natural recombination occurrence, how did the bats and pangolins get the patented components? The video also reveals a lot of inconsistencies in the patent data, like PCR tests and vaccine patents being filed before the patents on the “novel” virus, etc.

    Give it ten minutes… I found it to be one of the most interesting videos I have seen on COVID19 in a long time. (there is a bit of German in there but not much)

    • Alexander+MCCLINTOCK says:

      Wow! I wonder if or when we will see the start of the RICO case against CDC / Peter Daszak / Pfizer / J&J etc?

    • David A says:

      Anon, thank you for that very concise summary of a long presentation. AFAIK the patented components are not found in creatures in the wild.

      Wow, a two decade tale of developments. I would have to watch again, yet it appears that some of the finale steps were done as late as 2019 in Wuhan. Yet I don’t recall those mentioned in the video you linked. ( From prior reports of published studies by the “ Bat lady”. The Chinese research at Wuhan.) I am not certain how these tie in? Was the finale development done by China after Fauchi funded said research?

    • arn says:

      Remember when the patent for cfc “s was about to end.
      All of a sudden the ozon holes appeared(which still have the similar size though cfc”s are long gone ) )and new ,of course, patent protected replacements appeared as replacement.

      They simply used an ever ongoing event (as with climate )and declared it a man made catastrophy.

  4. G W Smith says:

    Great links from commentors, too!

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