Climate Crisis In The West

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10 Responses to Climate Crisis In The West

  1. Robert L Gipson says:

    Going back (at least) a half-century, in terms of U.S. cities reporting the nation-wide ‘high temperature of the day,’ Redding, California, at the north end of the Sacramento Valley in northern California, has frequently and consistently beat out Death Valley. I lived in the northern Sacramento Valley in the 1960s, and recall one summer day reaching 122 F.

    • oldefarte says:

      (To Mr. Gipson) I live a few miles north of you, in Southern Oregon. I moved out here back in 1982 (as the world teetered between the “Coming Ice Age” and “Manmade Global Warming”) in large part to escape the heat and humidity of the Midwest. I arrived in Portland in June – and within a couple weeks of arriving, local temps reached 115 F, and the banks of the Willamette and Columbia Rivers were packed with people seeking relief. A bit later in the summer, I took a job in Medford (I had NO idea even where it was relative to Portland, but it was a job and I desperately needed one). Any joy I took in securing that job was rapidly destroyed when Medford started to beat Death Valley for “Hottest Place in the Nation”. I really figured I’d screwed that one up badly (but that winter was glorious – snow like you wouldn’t believe, providing glorious skiing and leaving us with full lakes and flowing rivers everywhere the following summer). For obvious reasons, I’m not quite as concerned about this year’s “record heat wave” as some folks are. [PS – My wife, who has been here even longer than I, remembers, as a kid, when summers routinely hit (and held) triple digit temps, regularly topping 105 and often greater than 110 F.]

  2. Ron says:

    They show a lot of lake water levels being down so it’s raining here the last few days (monsoon season) we hope it rains more and puts out some fires. Every year they cry about how hot it is, every summer. I’ve heard this stuff since I was a little boy. There are always big fires every year also.
    I watched a guy talk about how stupid the co2 hysteria is when volcanos spew huge amounts of it. I’m no expert but I’ve read that when co2 levels are higher the planet is greener and full of life? At least to a certain point? I also hear stuff about how bad natural gas is. Greenhouse gases? I always thought NG was great stuff, trucks can run off it.

  3. Daniel Smeal says:

    We’ve experienced a lot of rain here in eastern NM over the past week or so. Some CoCoRaHS sites in Roswell have measured over 6 inches and I’ve measured more than 3 inches here in Portales. The range is beautifully green now after a few years of drought – which of course was blamed on climate change. So of course now they will blame all this rain on climate change. NO: just the normal variability in weather from year to year – just like I remember when I lived (and did agricultural research) here back in the early 80s.

    • oldefarte says:

      (To Mr. Smeal) I related to your comment on a number of points, in part because, for years, my best friend lived between Clovis and Roswell, NM, so I know a bit of the weather patterns there. I also related because there is a bit of a climate balance between the SW and the (Pac) NW (where I reside). If we are dry and hot, you folks will be seeing milder temps and greater precipitation. The commonality is that the climate alarmists claim both conditions the consequence of “AGW”/”climate change” and always with the same predictions of permanence (e.g., perpetual drought or perpetual flooding, perpetually hotter – or colder – than “normal”, etc.), with all the horrors and displacements that change will wrought on those of us obliged to deal with it. The truth behind those predicted consequences (just a little New Mexico “Dad Joke” there…) is never concordant with the predictions. I recall during the late 90’s, the PacNW went through an extended drought. Rivers barely flowed. Lakes and reservoirs were practically dry. Lake Shasta, a very large reservoir just north of Redding, CA, had been reduced to a series of tiny ponds (barely) connected by a muddy, little stream – and, of course, this was predicted to be “the new normal”, with our climate experts confidently asserting that even with above average rainfall, it would take at least 10 years to restore water levels, etc. It took one winter. By the following spring, the lakes and reservoirs were full to overflowing, the rivers were flowing copiously, providing all new white water experiences and scrubbing the river beds to the benefit of the salmon runs. Aquifers were fully recharged. In ONE season, NOT “ten years”. Perhaps, some day, these expert prognosticators and analysts will be right and a due respect for science obliges us to constantly revisit the issue for convincing evidence of a truly fundamental change. Until then, however, it’s just weather – and people have been commenting and complaining about the weather for a very, very long time, since long before the modest CO2 increases of the last few decades.

  4. nobler says:

    I’m surprised YouTube allowed you to show this horrible example of death and destruction caused by runaway global warming.


  5. Jeff L. says:

    Nice video. I like Enya, but I also like trance. Here’s a rendition with the best of both:

  6. I like the title. How many climate alarmist papers are written in Chinese? It appears to be a Western phenomenon. Curious.

  7. Herb Ellison says:

    Beautiful. Thank you!

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