CNN Says Wyoming Is Doomed


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  1. Ke Lu says:

    Dear Mr. Goddard, I would like to help you spreading the truth about climate by indicating a video made by BBC News Brazil today. The video is in Portuguese, but it cites a paper written by Mr. Roger Lee Cunniff (The great drought: Northeast Brazil, 1877-1880). In short, the video talks about a drought which occurred in many parts of the world: Brazil, Southern Africa, Mediterranean, India, Australia and China. This crisis in Brazil was caused by a combination of 4 extreme events: one of the worst known El Niño phenomenon, the temperature reduction of Tropical Pacific Ocean, the warming of the North Atlantic Ocean and, the temperature oscillation of Indian Ocean which affected the monsoon season. In Brazil, the climate crisis was followed by a surge of smallpox on the poor population of the region affected by drought. The video can be seen on Youtube (
    I also want to tell you that I like your videos, even when I don’t completely agree with your arguments or explanations, which, sometimes, seem very easy and simple for something so complex. I do also have many doubts about the blame on men for the global warming because the climate system is much more complex than what we know about. Blaming men seems to be the easy exit. Thanks, sir.
    PS: If you need a translation for the video I cited, I can do it in a few days (I could do it in a few hours if I wasn’t busy with other things).

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