White House Press Secretary Explains Vaccines

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11 Responses to White House Press Secretary Explains Vaccines

  1. De Profundis says:

    Funny, because it’s true.

  2. William says:

    “They can still kill you if you are under the age of 27”. That’s a bit misleading. They can and will kill you at any age. Michael Yeadon, former researcher and VP of Pfizer stated that 0.8 percent of people will die right away and the rest within 2-3 years after receiving the shot(s). So far that seems about right. There are now tens of thousands of vaccine deaths reported to VAERS since this operation was launched. But no worries, you’ll die as boxing champion Marvin Hagler did, “with a smile on his face”. And there are consequences for refusing. As the Cretin-in-Chief put it, “Get your shot now. NOW. Or pay the price.”

  3. Michael Peinsipp says:

    The so-called ‘vaccine’ is NOT a Vaccine. This drug is a GENE EDITING mRNA drug which changes your DNA to repel the COVID virus. BUT … no Humans DNA matches this drug 100% so get ready for 1 of 2 things happening – 1 People dying from strange after effects OR 2 people becoming Walkers.
    I chose the latter…(s)

    • Richard says:

      you have a higher % of dying from a tornado – as reported in Texas of the 9000 deaths since Feb, 99% had not been vaccinated

      • David A says:

        BS, the claim was 99 percent were not “ fully” vaccinated. ( It was what, two hospitals? For most of that period very few were vaccinated. The VAST majority were not vaccinated. The case load did a natural dive after that, just as all waves do. There are many areas of the world where the majority of the cases are now among the vaccinated.

  4. Bondmen says:

    Sometimes the unintended truth accidently slips out.

  5. Conrad Ziefle says:

    The most rational sounding discussion of the virus and the vaccine that I have heard is over at Frank Speech. It is with Dr. Peter McCullough, who is very up to speed on the virus and the vaccine and discusses the issues without a bunch of hyperbole. It turns out that the high vaccination rates is causing the virus to mutate into less dangerous forms. The greatly feared “delta” variant is much less dangerous than the previous one.
    This is an hour long. I thought would listen to a few minutes then go on, but I listened to the whole thing.

  6. The government and public health people do not want citizens to have information on the side effects in 0.015% of the people who are vaccinated with the Covid-19 shots.
    This is a very small percentage of people, but 11,000 people have died from the shots. Another 400,000 people have had serious vaccine injuries. The government censors do not want people to read the accounts of injured people or stories by loved ones who have been killed by the vaccines. This censorship erodes what little trust many of us have in what the government health authorities say. Like zero trust.

  7. czechlist says:

    I am inclined to believe the dim DC pols have not received a real “jab”. Even those who were shown receiving an injection – I do not know the provenance of it and will not accept their “word”. I think that is why they continue to insist on masks and distancing. Most are in a vulnerable category.
    I also read the Pfizer VP comment that if he wanted to reduce the planet’s population a vaccine would be the most effective method.

  8. AA Cunningham says:

    Hence, Jen Snarky is a mental eunuch.

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