“Policy Specialists” At YouTube



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30 Responses to “Policy Specialists” At YouTube

  1. Walter says:

    What exactly are these policies? I’m sure if your channel was all about transsexual reproduction and legalizing pedophilia YouTube would happily monetize your channel.

  2. THX1138 says:

    Hide your women!

  3. THX1138 says:

    Communism is a bitch, ain’t it?

  4. KevinPaul says:

    Youtube chiefs are white double faced lying filth the Apache took great pleasure in scalping. There’s a good reason the Bible aligns liers with manslayers, and the Apache new this instinctively.
    I’m really surprised Tony you have lasted this long revealing the truth and dispelling the lies. Youtube is totally stuffed, all it’s good for now is bunny farts and unicorns. Boycott all Alphabet interests.

  5. We are at the stage of the witch hunt where the pre-occupation is with finding witches. The suggestion that witches don’t actually exist is itself taken as proof you are a witch. We have seen this reasoning before. Belief in witches in the past was the result of ignorance and fear, as is the belief in ‘climate crisis’ and the call for persecution of ‘deniers’ at present. It’s basis in reality is non-existent, but that doesn’t matter, because the masses will always prefer an easily understood fairy tale to the hard to grasp physics of the atmosphere.

  6. Barry Sheridan says:

    YouTube getting all uppity again Tony, you must be telling the truth too much.

  7. Liam says:

    By all rights they should specify exactly where you ‘made mistakes’ or made the community unsafe and then be prepared to justify their decision with proof. But then they don’t have to adhere to any form of natural law, do they?

  8. Michael Peinsipp says:

    Time to move to Rumble Tony.
    Rumble is a FREE SPEECH site for all.
    Keep up the great work Sir!

  9. G W Smith says:

    What did you do or say that was not “safe”?

  10. Adam says:

    What it means: “Your channel is not in line with corporate and governmental orthodoxy. Only channels that are in agreement with approved thought are eligible.”

  11. will FORD says:

    to youTUB I say, PPPPPFFFFFFFTTTTT a well defined SBD!

  12. BartieBeanz says:

    Let’s all get off YT and see how that affects their ‘policies’.

  13. nobler says:


    YouTube sux. Facebook sux. Twitter sux. All world class shit heels.

    But thank you for keeping up your good work!

  14. “A team of policy specialists.” Any time you have that phrase come up, get ready to get hit with terrible bureaucratic nonsense.

  15. Ron says:

    Tyrants usually have a publicity wing that monitors everything so the psychopaths in charge and their policies are presented in a positive way to the populace.

  16. Russell Hicks says:

    The totalitarian mindset write large. They cannot bear alternative opinions, they’re too thick to think, so they shut them down. Burn those books! What little a$$holes these people are. History will condemn them but we can’t wait that long. They are China’s useful idiots.

  17. Gary Hills says:

    They will win the battle and lose the war.

  18. GreyGeek says:

    YouTube will, however, continue to reap profits from ads surrounding your videos, as usual. They just don’t want to share the revenue. The Comrades at YT are using your lack of adherence to NewSpeak as an excuse. It has happened before. The result was Lysenkoism.
    Under Stalin and Lysenko, scientific truth became both incompatible and inappropriate
    to political truth. Information on genetics was eliminated from Soviet biology textbooks
    and Lysenko attempted to reduce his conflict with classical geneticists to political
    contradictions. Lysenko stated that there existed two class-based biological
    classifications: “bourgeois,” vs. “socialist, dialectical materialist. “The entire agricultural
    research infrastructure of the Soviet Union — a country with millions who lives teetered
    on starvation — was devoted to a disproved scientific hypothesis and inventive methods
    were used to falsely prove that there was no famine and that crop yields were actually
    on the rise.

    Soviet Central Committee support of Lysenko was critical. Championed by Stalin,
    Lysenko steadily ascended the rungs of power within Soviet Science and as he did,
    Lysenko persecuted scientists who did not agree with his theories. Backed by the Soviet
    Central Committee Lysenko was responsible for the exile, torture, and death of many
    talented Soviet scientists.


    This paper is at Harvard, no less, which goes to show that even WOKE universities have access to the truth but have chosen Lysenkoism. However, when you attempt to download the PDF you are taken to academica.edu, which is not a site for publishing scientific papers.

    Google, also WOKE, is working steadily to introduce the same system in America that they helped China introduce: the Social Credit Score. What has happened to Tony’s channel has spread to areas outside Google’s domain, where various supposedly neutral financial institutions are canceling bank accounts and credit cards of those who do not express opinions approved by the Ministry of Truth (MNM) and its “fact checkers”. WOKE businesses are firing workers for posting unapproved thought on venues outside the domains of the corporations.

    • arn says:

      It seems that the soviet agricultural research infrastructure
      was the blueprint for the green new deal and climate science.

      All dysfunctional on purpose and depopulation its real main goal(holdomor)
      and there was not a single mainstream scientist in USSR to call out the fake science and tell the truth.

      • GreyGeek says:

        Those scientists who did oppose Lysenko and point out his errors were silenced. That involved being locked out of soviet biological journals and other media, fired from academic positions, sent to gulags, or executed. The more power he gained the more vicious he became.
        In America, those with academic credentials as good or better than those held by proponents of mRNA vaccines, or global warming, etc., are experiencing the lockouts and firings. It has become obvious that the real source of power behind COVID and AGW are Marxist (“WOKE”) pushing to convert our Republic, operating under the rule of Law derived from the Bill of Rights, into a Socialist state ruled by the unelected.

  19. James Snook says:

    Cancel culture is running riot. Appalling!

  20. arn says:

    Off topic

    But if you have time ,watch the video “Is anyone else disturbed”? on forbes breaking news channel on YouTube (cant link with my device)

    They are talking about environmental hazard.The interesting part starts at 4:40.
    Then you may get the idea what environmentalism,climate etc is really about(and imagine the person on the photo below the headline would be high melanin and the author not a left loon._expert)

  21. Rowland P says:


  22. James Henry says:

    Wow! A bunch of hoodie wearing, twenty something, know nothings, who probably rode to work on a skateboard, making decisions about what sites are worthy of monetization. What could go wrong?

  23. Dick van Waning says:

    Hello Tony,
    From the beginning I read all your statements and I know that no single leftwinger CO2 believer dares to show up with you on television; they dont know nothing about the facts and they are not ashamed for knowing nothing. All those no brain politicians are dumb and more greedy to gain more money by misleading their voters.
    I do hope you will be able to send your messages and if I can help let me know.
    Regards, Dutch Dick.

  24. Tony,

    It’s time to join the mass move to Rumble.
    Rumble will soon grow to unimaginable size as refugees from YouTube, Twitter, etc. all gather there to tell the Truth.
    Please keep up the great work!

  25. Michael Spencer says:

    Oh no! We can’t have nasty provable facts now, can we!

    Someone making money/pushing a political agenda might be offended …..

  26. Anders Nordmark says:

    I was about to revise my opinion of Youtube because they did allow Tony Heller’s videos. What is happening is scary. It’s a form of cancel culture and it’s blatant. If you don’t follow a specific political agenda you can’t have a say. This will eventually destroy the whole platform. As a previous poster said “They will win the battle and lose the war”.
    So true. Battle stations.

  27. 186no says:

    IMHO, what Youtube, Google/Alphabet, the organisation with “everyone’s best interests at heart”, is doing is the best validation for what you are doing Mr Heller. “Keep on keeping on” – I read every word you post with great interest as it won’t be put out on UK MSM this side of a revolution; they very clearly don’t like the public source information you often cite. Pity but then again , every time this censorship happens, their credibility shreds just a little bit more. Of course , if they believed what they say, and acted with integrity, they would stop the monetisation of your videos in their own pockets – how about that Fuehrer Pichai – got a view on that?

  28. Congratulations! You know you are on the right path when the commissars, the political officers, the gestapo and the SS all tell you to shut up. Liars hate the truth because lies are under constant revision – constant “change” – in order to fit the narrative of the moment. It is ironic that they would claim to fear a “changing climate.”

    If anyone still has any questions about how or why the German citizens “went along” with the Nazis, one look at the state-sanctioned propaganda we have today should dispel such thoughts.

    Keep the faith and keep up the great work.

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