The World’s Second Largest Ponzi Scheme

“Critically, the study found that vaccinated individuals carried as much virus in their noses as unvaccinated individuals, and that vaccinated people could spread the virus to each other.”

Washington Post

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16 Responses to The World’s Second Largest Ponzi Scheme

  1. arn says:

    Seems covid vaccines work as good as masks,communism and climate models and the same effective way as renewable energy is able to replace fossil fuels.

    Just another hyped Placebo as co2.
    Except that co2 has no negative side effects.
    Or as Fauci would say:
    “Only 3 out of 4 vaccinated will get covid
    while 75% of the unvaccinated will.
    That’s a difference of 72;therefore vaccinations should be mandatory.”

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      The COVID ‘vaccine'[ is NOT a vaccine.
      A vaccine contains dead or nearly dead viruses.
      This ‘vaccine’ is a mRNA Gene Editing (!!!!) drug. It changes your DNA to ‘make’ antibodies.
      Well in the next few months/years you will see side effects from Editing your DNA!
      No I will never ever take this ‘vaccine’!

      • Walter Wagner says:

        Any evidence it modifies your DNA, or is taken up by the DNA in your cells?

        Everything I see is that the mRNA is ‘free-floating” and moves to the ribosomes where it produces spike proteins as it is ‘read’ on the ribosome.

        Eventually, it breaks down (single-stranded molecule), and eventually washes out of the body over weeks/months.

        That’s not to say producing lots of free-floating spike proteins is necessarily a good idea, but what you say appears not to be correct.

      • Robert Rust says:

        No part of any vaccine or other poison (all drugs are inherently poisons, admitted to and described by Med/Pharma/ModBiol), can change the Dna of humans or any living creature. These are dead substance, not life. They are incapable of creating life due to their deadness. They are toxic because they interfere with the normal chemical metabolism of the organisms and, thereby, threaten the operation and living ability of the organisms. The human body and all other organisms react to the poisons by creating proteins and other chemicals, including RNA molecules, to detoxify the body of ingested poisons and harmless waste, such as the deadly chemicals (e.g., aluminum adjuvants/toxins) added to vaccines and the harmless RNA and DNA in the vaccines, respectively. The RNA and DNA in vaccines can harm humans and other organisms as much as an apple can.

        All organisms react to the contents of the vaccines, and all drugs, as the poisons they are and do their best to defend their chemical, metabolic integrity from them. To the extent that the organisms are able to achieve this, the organisms continue living, though sometimes permanently damaged in some way to varying degree, noticeable or not. If the ingested or injected poisons create too much chemical, metabolic disturbance in the organism, the organism dies as a whole and slowly decomposes itself to simpler life forms called bacteria, yeast, mould, fungi, and other microorganisms that are not nearly as complex.

        A study of 1800’s Antoine Bechamp’s work in which he scientifically and biologically proved that Life is the microzyma (tiny enzyme body) combined with a study of 1900’s scientific discovery of the structure and behaviour of DNA as well as identical incredibly small microorganisms identical to Bechamp’s microzyma (nanobe, protid, somid, and so many more), reveals that Life is DNA, an acid enzyme chemical molecule which can not only maintain itself in the chemical reactions it incites and controls, but also use the breakdown products of these reactions to operate and reproduce itself, short-term synthesizing and long-term evolving into larger, DNA-supporting, chemical structures called micro-organisms, organelles, cells, tissues, organs, and organisms.

        The biological definition of Life is “that substance which can maintain and reproduce itself”. When living, chemical matter is examined at its smallest state, its smallest structure, it is observed that only the chemical DNA can do this, all other matter in existence cannot, it is all dead. Where DNA is found, Life is found, where DNA is not found, no Life is found, science and biology has proven this.

        Life is DNA, and DNA is Life, the last thing the corporatized and occult Medical, Pharmaceutical, Modern Biological, and corporatized Governmental, Industrial, Entertainment, Educational, Banking, Religious, Spiritual, and other societal institutions of the parasite clan want humanity to realize. These corporate industries promote that Life is a ghost, able to be authoritatively explained only by our parasitic master which uses the method as one of its fundamental means to enslave and subjugate modern humanity to the cartel-structured, self-segregating, profit-lusting cult clan.

        Research Bechamp, Natural Hygiene, and related science and Nature-revelation to discover that there are no such thing as viruses. They are falsely-represented, DNA- and RNA-containing waste matter or waste-eliminating organelles of the human body and all organisms, normal parts of all Life and nothing to be feared at all. To fear DNA is to fear oneself, to fear being alive, to desire being dead.

      • John Francis says:

        Well said.
        It’s important for us to remind ,family at least, that this is gene therapy.
        And ask them ” do you trust others to potentially alter your immune system genetic code”?
        My father was 9 in 1918 , at the height of the “Spanish flu “.
        Living in a northeast u.s city there were many deaths.
        He said bodies were stacked up(I assume in crates) outside of funeral homes.
        He and his 5 siblings never got it. His mother gave each of the kids a liqueur at bed.
        Don’t know what it was.
        2 of the children of Fatima apparitions died from it. Very unpleasant death.
        Sheeple are being led over a cliff .
        May God bless America.

  2. G W Smith says:

    The left (dems) want everyone in a perpetual state of anxiety for fear of dying of some disease for which only they can provide the cure. Willful slavery granting them the power of kings. “We’re from the government and we’re here to help.”

  3. A Geek says:

    Indeed, common sense has to be used, and it says that the vaccines do not work. The CDC also stated that masks do not work to contain virons.
    The lock downs and mandated isolation slowed the establishment of herd immunity. But since early May herd immunity has been overcoming covid. If one checks the DNC & DND using county data they’ll find that “mass outbreak” was trivial.

  4. Ron says:

    It’s all about controlling people and making money off them using fear.
    Otherwise, it’s a bad flu season that zinc and a few safe drugs can take care of.

  5. TRM says:

    Israel (99+% Pfizer) are showing ZERO benefit after only 2-3 months. ROTFLMAO.

    Wow that was worth all the short term risk of clots, strokes, heart attacks and the potential long term effects of ADE, mad cow, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s etc.

  6. Scissor says:

    Henceforth, vaccination shall mean spreading a virus.

  7. gregole says:

    Virus was probably created in the Wuhan lab in gain of function experiments.

    It stinks from top to bottom.

  8. Solar Mutant Ninjaneer says:

    I’m reading a fictional novel now in which the bad guy, a billionaire with a belief that humans are bad for the climate, environment, etc. and are in fact a parasite, sets out on mass genocide to save the planet. He owns a medical pharmaceutical company and devises a plan to infect the world with a bioengineered virus. To make sure he gets everyone (except for his environmentally conscience cadre) he devises a deadly vaccine, with a latency period of 1 month to six weeks, to kill the frightened people who escape the initial pandemic. He, of course, had been telling everyone for years that he had been researching vaccines for similar “viruses.” The plan is to spread the virus initially at an Olympics. The Tom Clancy novel “Rainbow Six” was published in 1998.

    I have a feeling the that the fictional story in the novel will end better than the parallel story unfolding before us.

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