Two Weeks To Flatten The Curve

The “vaccine” used to be 96% effective.

COVID sickness dropped 95.8% after both Pfizer shots: Israeli Health Ministry | Reuters

Now it is 39% effective.

Israel says Pfizer vaccine effectiveness down to 39 pct amid spread of Delta variant – Xinhua |

People in Sydney aren’t allowed to talk to each other.

New Zealand remains completely isolated.

New Zealand shuts Australia travel bubble as Sydney’s Covid outbreak worsens | Coronavirus | The Guardian

New Zealand announced almost one year ago that they had eliminated the virus.

7:22 PM · Aug 8, 2020

They have had cases almost every day since they eliminated the virus.

New Zealand COVID: 2,855 Cases and 26 Deaths – Worldometer

Meanwhile here in Wyoming, we have the lowest vaccination rate in the country and life is completely normal. Frontier Days starts today. We have tens of thousands of visitors from all over the US and the world.

Home – Cheyenne Frontier Days

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23 Responses to Two Weeks To Flatten The Curve

  1. arn says:

    The original covid scenario will repeat forever as every new variant of the virus
    will spread in a similar way as the first one(which imo was the intention from the very beginning as there is so much social engineering to be done till 2030 to brainwash people so much that they will go along with all the planned massive transformations of economy and society)

    It will be a bit like the Tom Cruise movie “Live,Die,Repeat”
    just “vaccinate,new virus,revaccinate”.

    But i’m pretty sure that the appearance of new strains will slow,as the pharmalobby can not keep up with the creation of vaccines
    and people wont buy it if they can.

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      Each ‘variant’ gets weaker by 60-80%. So this DELTA variant is about as dangerous as a simple set of sniffles.

    • 186no says:

      How similar are these variants to the original virus – if it can be identified – I understand they are ~97% the same. I am no scientist but given that all Coronaviruses are ~80% identical as far as their genomic make up is concerned, would someone explain how it is that these variants are more dangerous/lethal than before. It is my understanding that variants/mutations with the healthy community are to be welcomed as their transmissability increases and their effect diminishes in direct proportion = herd immunity. Dr Peter McCullough and his colleagues know how to treat those infected and prevent hospitalisations with “cheap” off patent medications – but he is restrained by ignorant politicians hell bent on pushing the WHO/ECO Alliance/Fauci/Wellcome/Farrar/Drosten/BIG PHARMA – like the fools in the videos from NSW and NZ; when are these despots going to realise we know they are less than useless – and they are killing people with their utterly mad bad rabid ideology?

  2. JAMES HENRY says:

    This can no longer be attributed to incompetence. Malice is in full force.

  3. Dreams of Walmart Doctors Chasing me Through Quicksand says:

    So.., the vaccines are not Safe OR Effective..?

    What a surprise!

    My theory is that the vaccines are now causing the case surge. -A theory I cleverly came up with after listening to overwrought doctors and other legitimate experts who are trying to avoid being crushed by the authorities for saying that vaccines are now causing the case surge.

    That and fake testing.

    The media never did sort out the whole testing fiasco.

  4. Walt Lafford says:

    These countries will be in a constant cycle of lockdowns for as long as the population puts up with it. The only answer is to allow the virus to run its course while protecting the must vulnerable which will bring about herd immunity. This is what should have happened from the start instead of destroying their economy.

    • David A says:

      Herd immunity is more difficult to reach with a leaky jab running a mutation experiment on every jabbed individual, creating a few surviving mutations that spread as they are naturally the few that are jab resistant. Curious how most of the resistant versions came after the vaccine roll out. Leaky jabs propagate viruses.

  5. Hello Tony,
    We love your content and seek permission to republish it on Citizens Journal.

  6. Conrad Ziefle says:

    There are so many things that can be said. They buried their heads the same place they buried their guns, and they are dry kindling for COVID right now. New Zealand is a nice place, and they have a population of only 5 million, so if you could sneak in a million, you could probably win the the next election and turn the place around.
    I listened to Peter McCullough at Frank Speech. He seemed to have a handle on the COVID and explained several things in a rational way. It seemed he said that this is not a natural COVID virus. Also that the mutations are forming around the spike. The delta variant shortened the spike to get around the vaccine antibodies, and that is why it is more contagious, but by shorting the spike it has made itself less dangerous, as the spike is the dangerous part of it. I don’t know how that matches with so many deaths in India, since it is the delta that is prominent there. In any case, his statements are consistent and tie together rationally.
    On another point, the way I understand this “gain of function” is that it is essentially learning how to make a bioweapon. Whatever they claim they are doing, it ought to be considered a crime against humanity to create a bioweapon virus and everyone involved ought to be tried for that.

    • David A says:

      Per capital deaths in India are very low and never were high. Currently they are about 25 percent of the US per capital death rate. Same with the case rate. The states that used Ivermectin did very well.

    • KevinPaul says:

      I honestly believe Tarrant was a Manchurian candidate programmed for the sole purpose of machine weapon confiscation, a test case for bigger things, coming to a shore near you.

      Ardern has completely sold out to the communists’ agenda, I find it hard to believe a women of her intelligence could be so stupid.

      They are trying to vaccinate everyone with a gene sequence that is now obsolete. Sweden, Sweden, Sweden you never hear about their success story here anymore, it highlights the incompetence of our leaders and nullifies the need for a vaccine except for the weak and elderly, meanwhile the tourism industry is imploding on its last leg.

  7. aeroearth says:

    My Mum who had a degree in Biology commented on the ‘flu vaccine when they came out about 40 years ago. She said they were useless as viruses mutate and unless you had a vaccine for every virus, they were completely useless. Also the vaccine against the Wuhan ‘flu DOES NOT prevent you from getting the Wuhan ‘flu, so we are told.
    Looks like the Swedish process of letting the Wuhan ‘flu run through the community to develop herd immunity and just protect the elderly and those with co morbidity has been now proven to be right. Nobody is going to stop the spread of the Wuhan ‘flu. To do so just wrecks society. Maybe that’s exactly what the communists have in mind.

    • Richard says:

      no actually the Swiss model of herd immunity didnt work – at 10+ million versus Japan at 120 million the Swiss had more cases and more deaths

      According to mortality analyses from the Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center (here), the case fatality rate in Sweden is 2.6% — higher than that of neighboring Finland (1.6%), Norway (0.9%) and Denmark (1.0%), as well as the United States (2.0%). As a country, Sweden has had 66.76 COVID-19 deaths per 100,000 people, compared to 7.23 in Finland, 6.28 in Norway, 14.59 in Denmark, and 82.72 in the United States.

      As shown here by Our World in Data, a scientific publication run by Oxford University researchers, Sweden’s daily COVID-19 deaths per million increased by 1,200% between Aug. 1 and Dec. 1.


  8. Jimmy Haigh says:

    Do you have any room in Wyoming for a Scottish Trump supporter?

  9. Ed Price says:

    Victorian (Australia) deaths:
    2019 – 900+ died of flu
    2020 – 80o died with covid (the rest of Australia deaths about 100)
    2021 to July – No deaths with covid (1 in the rest of Australia)
    Victoria leads the world in lockdowns 180 days (= 6 months)

    Nobody challenging the current aim of zero deaths. (It’s not possible).
    We are unlikely to return to any form of normal in the next few years.
    Quite depressing.

  10. Jeff Jones says:

    Yea . . . . . but you have Liz Cheney too!!!!

  11. Geoff says:

    The new “cases” in NZ are >99% imported – coming in on planes, and not community cases. There is a big difference…

  12. Jimmy Walter says:

    From JFK till today, they continue to slip up and expose themselves (literally with Epstein), which they “cure” with another bald face lie. I have a friends, whom I like and respect, who won’t even argue the facts and logic – One said, “I don’t even know what 40 or 34 cycles. I’ve Been fully vaccinated And no COVID. I think that-the rate of break through infection is miniscule. I’m not wearing a mask but trying to avoid Bering with hoards of people in small places. I haven’t gotten COVID thankfully and realize I’m a sample of one. Nantucket has been vigilant about COVID and there are almost no cases. I don’t have the energy you have for this and I have a lunch with a beautiful woman in an hour. Keep them coming” Others just ignore me or repeat their “beliefs”, i.e., tell me who they “trust” and/or they don’t “believe” the government would do this, especially ALL governments and agencies. TPTB’s tsunami of terrorism, propaganda, has brainwashed them, created a civil fracture of society, a civil war, bloodless (mostly) so far.

  13. Chris Morris says:

    To be accurate, almost every case in New Zealand after the initial big ramp is someone at the border who has tested positive while having to stay in a hotel isolation for two weeks. Not hard to do elimination when your border is 1000km of water.

  14. Petit_Barde says:

    UK (mainly Astra Zeneca) and Israel (Pfizer) share of positif tests and hospital admissions (per million) due to covid show that :
    – covid vaccines do not significantly mitigate the spread of the delta variant,
    – nor they significantly mitigate hospital admissions due to covid.

    Indeed, those two countries are among the most fully vaccinated and are facing higher hospital admissions than comparable countries (France, Netherlands, etc.) with a lower share of fully vaccinated.
    Those counterexamples falsify the hypothesis that they is a negative correlation between the ratio of fully vaccinated and :
    – the share of positive tests in one hand,
    – the hospital admissions on the other hand.

    This is backed-up by the UK (and Israel) hospital admissions due to covid :
    – indeed, the increasing trend of last summer (without vaccination) and of this summer (UK > 50% and Israel 60% fully vaccinated) are roughly the same.


    In this context, covid vaccination can only be a personal decision after having taken into account each one’s benefit/risk ratio.
    Pushing for, or mandating a mass vaccination (particularly of the young) or mandating a vaccin pass is pure totalitarian madness.

  15. mwhite says:

    “A snapshot of data from the beginning of the month in Israel suggests that the Pfizer vaccine is not protecting against infection now the Delta variant is in town, with infections in the vaccinated across all age groups being no less than you’d expect if the vaccine did nothing.”

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