“Expert Panel Says”

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  1. Al says:

    Hi Tony, I am having trouble seeing your videos since you movedfrom YouTube.
    Is anything wrong.. Getting a lot of buffering too. Help. Al.

  2. I checked out the Haaretz article. 59% of the new Covid cases are in vaccinated people. It doesn’t look like the vaccine is doing to well at preventing Covid infections.
    When will people realize that the emperor has no clothes? The vaccines don’t work.
    May be treating early Covid cases with drug s like hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin might be a better strategy. People who have recovered from Covid have better immunity than that provided by the vaccines.

  3. Ben says:

    They are saying the in Israel the 4th wave peaked and will go down from this top.

  4. Robert Rust says:

    Health is created and maintained by healthful living, particularly in dietary choices. Over 35 years ago, I wisened up and changed my diet from a standard cooked food diet to a predominantly raw food diet focused on ripe fruit and certain juicy vegetables. I haven’t experience a cold, flu, or other disease since, despite having regular colds and flus prior to that, like everyone else. In addition, by merely an improved, proper diet, I have overcome many formerly lingering problems, such as poor eyesight, skin rashes, frequent headaches, overeating, anxiety, and depression, severe back and joint pain, and more. My family members, friends, and acquaintances who have done the same as me have experienced the same results. These are some of the things that the establishment hates people knowing, it kills the business.

    Vaccines contain many purposefully added, highly toxic poisons (aluminum adjuvants, formaldehyde, mercury derivatives, and hundreds more), described and admitted to by Medicine, Pharma, and Modern Biology. Poisons can only threaten, reduce, and maim health, sometimes causing death. Health cannot be protected by taking poisons, only threatened and damaged by them. Only a heavily brainwashed, unclear-thinking, sense-denying person or an imbecile does not understand this, and then allows themselves to be given a shot in the dark, allowing the Med/Pharma cartel to vastly increase their profits, the only matter that is important to M/P.

    Isolate yourself from others, put on your face diaper, and take your poisons, obedient, subjugated and enslaved, profit-enabling modern humans. The rest of Nature continues walking free, happy to wave goodbye to insanity-ridden modern humanity.

    Ask no questions and your profiting master will tell you no lies. Everything that comes out of a politician’s mouth is intrinsically a lie. The modern world is run by an inbreeding family cartel.

    • roaddog says:

      Excellent post, sir.

      • roaddog says:

        I describe it as the “never eat anything that comes in a box” diet. There are exceptions of course, but I think it gets the point across. We’re fortunate here in Cheyenne to have access to an excellent farmer’s market most of the year.

  5. Douglas Hoyt says:

    Interesting plots of the effects of using ivermectin in Africa are shown at https://twitter.com/birb_k/status/1431339779703017477

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