Israel Bending The Curve With Vaccinations

More Than 5.2 Billion Shots Given: Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker
Vaccinations and COVID-19 – Data for Israel – Our World in Data

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9 Responses to Israel Bending The Curve With Vaccinations

  1. salv says:

    And now, Israeli scientists have shown that COVID19 “vaccines ” don’t work nearly as well as natural immunity and natural resistance do –

    Increasingly, epidemiologists and virologists point to the fact that mass “vaccination” causes faster evolution of new variants of the virus that are resistant to such “vaccines”.
    Incidentally, several top FDA scientists / officials who were involved in the rushed approval of these “vaccines”, as well as the FDA’s acting director, are leaving –

    Looking forward to the collapse of the ultra-hyped and illegally forced “vaccination” strategy, as well as criminal investigations and indictments of the people who are responsible for this disaster.

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      Mankind has survived Viruses since Mog was born in a cave. Natural immunity works period. I have never taken a Flu shot and yet I have never had the Flu…fascinating.

      • salv says:

        If you don’t belong in one or more risk groups for COVID19, why take a “vaccine” that’s likely harmful and potentially deadly?
        BTW, typically, being elderly strongly correlates with being affected by one or more of the health conditions that puts you in a risk group, but it doesn’t seem to be a risk in itself, if you’re otherwise healthy and fit.

        Anyways, there seems to be a light at the end of this tunnel:

  2. Dave N says:

    “Pandemic Of The Unvaccinated” didn’t age well. What’s more concerning is the “similar pattern” part, and what that will mean if other countries follow *this* pattern.

  3. Petit_Barde says:

    Little OT, but :

    Downloading data from, I made a dispersion diagram between R (reproduction ratio) and the % of fully vaccinated among most of the OECD countries and some others (including Israel) that provide those data (as of July 25).

    I found NO correlation.

    I did the same between % of fully vaccinated and hospitalizations (among the countries that provide this data), and again, found NO correlation.

    It would be great if someone – Tony ? – could check/confirm what I found.

  4. Richard A Reeves says:

    Perhaps those making comments should explain their terms not everyone is a mathematics major or a statistics expert.
    I for one really do not have an idea what is being said in these conversations or I should say comments.

  5. salv says:

    This data from Scotland confirms the recent data from Israel –

    “This means that based on the most recent data just 44 deaths occurred among the unvaccinated population in the last four weeks, whilst 7 deaths occurred in the partly vaccinated population, and 124 deaths occurred in the fully vaccinated population – meaning the unvaccinated have accounted for just 25% of Covid-19 deaths in the new Summer third wave despite accounting for the majority of alleged Covid-19 cases.

    What this also shows is that that the risk of death, if infected or hospitalised with Covid-19, is much higher among the fully vaccinated population when the risk of death for the fully vaccinated is supposed to be reduced by 95% compared to the unvaccinated population.”

  6. Bruce says:

    The authoritarians need to get over their “Ivermectin hesitancy” and allow distribution of this effective and much safer alternative to Covid and variants. India used it to knock down Delta. Don’t hear that from the media.

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