Climate Math At The Economist

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8 Responses to Climate Math At The Economist

  1. Blake M Montreuil says:

    I would like to see if you could do a follow the money post. I know al gore is worth over 300,000,000. And purchased a home at sea level with another around 14,000 square foot with natural gas lanterns. I know the trillions of dollars spent very little is going for anything worth while like nuclear. And I have been following you for years now. We know that in the last 140 years the average temperature has only gone up about 1.2 degrees according to NOAA. Also they claim the we get 20% from green energy it like Germany there are charts showing the daily spikes of green production. I would bet the 20% would be about 3% on a daily average. Thanks again for all rly outstanding do.

    • Richard says:

      Germany has spent over $250 Billion on wind and solar- not working- Merks shut down nukes so they built 21 new coal plants- they produce so much wind power in West they give it away to Holland, they run short on power and buy it from France and their 57 nuke plants – coming soon Germany to mandate – aka FORCE every home in Germany to put in solar panels- doubling & tripping down on a failed system

  2. Raj says:

    Comically ironic that a newspaper that calls itself the “Economist” abandons all reason and logic when it comes to climate alarmism. Groupthink at its worst.

    • arn says:

      It is not not ironic when you know that the economist is owned by the same banking dynasty that introduced the countries of this planet to agenda 21 at the UN summit 1992 in Rio.

      It was also the economist that ‘predicted’ a global currency in 1988.
      (name and timeframe are never real when they use such kinds of predictive programming and priming)

      And this banking dynasty has buildt a courthouse.
      On top of the courthouse is a very specific symbol that can be found on the world reserve currency.
      This symbol was not on the dollar before the FED existed.
      And below the symbol the words ” Novus Ordo Seclurom” are written.
      (A New (global?)order of ages).
      Symbolism aside.It may be interssting to know that neither the courthouse is located in the USA nor is this banking dynasty American.

  3. Thomas Fowler says:

    Why worry about reality when it is much more convenient to invent your own? Especially if you think that no one is paying attention, which the Economist obviously did.

  4. Mike Blackam says:

    Thanks Tony, for an excellent and targeted response to the Economist. In the present day we are continually fed a diet of propaganda that includes not only junk science, but also junk economics.

  5. Steen Højrup says:

    All this climatism will probably come to an end, when the present cooling trend becomes apparent. A pair of ice winters or three will make the public think something does not add up.

  6. D. Boss says:

    They are doing two things:

    1) knowing they can cash in on the Climate Cult scam – by raising premiums for “climate change”.

    2) covering their asses – because ultimately insurance is a ponzi scheme that will fail because you simply cannot have people paying a pittance for premiums and having massive payouts for death and losses. Insurance is a scam, always has been and one more excuse for why it will eventually fail is climate change….. (so instead of being prosecuted for fraud, insurance companies can simply claim they went bankrupt due to climate change – or say they need massive bailouts from govmnt for the same reason)

    Business and Industry has always jumped on the “green” bandwagon as a way to increase profits – no altruism there. Everyone jumped on the ban on CFC’s – because all the new formulations cost more and old patents on the chemicals had expired anyway. Plus all the devices relying on the old formulations needed to be replaced – so companies saw nothing but $ signs and feel good customer relations with adoption of any of the green manifesto’s idiotic premises. Nothing has changed since that supremely stupid “sky is falling” call to action on CFC’s.

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