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2:01 AM · Sep 16, 2021

The Economist says there were almost no losses from natural disasters in 1974, when Darwin, Australia was destroyed by Cyclone Tracy and the worst tornado outbreak in US history occurred.

“During the summer between 1974 and 1975, Australia experienced its worst bushfire season in 30 years. About 15 per cent of Australia’s physical land mass sustained extensive fire damage.”

Australian bushfires: Why 2019 fire season is different from others

Darwin was destroyed by Cyclone Tracy that year.

Northeast Australia turned into an inland sea due to record rainfall and flooding.

28 Jan 1974, Page 12 – The Cincinnati Enquirer at

The US had its worst tornado outbreak on record.

List of tornadoes in the 1974 Super Outbreak – Wikipedia

TIME Magazine Archive Article — Another Ice Age? — Jun. 24, 1974

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5 Responses to Economics By “The Economist “

  1. JPB says:

    Beautiful. They are all just lying through their teeth. Thank you foe keeping us sane.

  2. RLO says:

    I think you need to change the date in your introduction to match your examples. Where you say 1970, I think you mean 1974.

  3. Always refreshing to listen to the voice of reason.

    Thank you, Tony!

  4. fruitloops says:

    Hi Tony,
    You’re so good at taking data analysis to the people that I’d love to see you – for example in this case – show the relation between 1974 cyclone/tornado/storm and solar activity in those months of that year. These relationships get even juicier nearer to the present with the now freely available solid hourly data for all manner of solar forcing parameters amongst electromagnetic particles, waves and fields (none of which behave as benignly as TSI that is used to promulgate the ‘CO2 forcing is all we have’).

  5. trex says:

    I used to be an avid reader of The Economist (and Reuters), and it took me years to see that too much of what I was reading there was placed advertising and political propaganda, disguised as “science” and “reason”.
    Too bad.

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