“No Longer Subject To Debate”

11:40 PM · Sep 14, 2021

This comes thirteen years after Obama and Biden healed the planet.

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23 Responses to “No Longer Subject To Debate”

  1. Scissor says:

    I believe Tara Reade. Nothing from Biden’s mouth should be believed.

  2. Ronald Morris says:

    This is how science works now. an American moves next to a reservation. The American wants to know how much wood to cut for the winter. he asks an older Indian what the winter was going to be like. Indian says, “Cold’. American cuts a bunch of fire wood. a week later the American asked the Indian again and the Indian says “Very cold”. The American cuts a lot more wood. several weeks later the American asked the Indian about the winter and the Indian said “This will be a very bad winter”. the American asked how he knows and the Indian said, “Because white man cuts a lot of wood” Anyway, this seems to be the modern scientific method.

  3. Zanzibar says:

    We truly live in a bizarre 1984-esque dystopia.

    • will FORD says:

      How true..you are.

    • arn says:

      But there is now perversion ,declared crazy the new normal and monoplised the opinion of minorities and mobilised them against the majority.
      So they added some new elements to the 1984 mix and call it now entertainment.

      It’s more of a bizarro world of Superman comics
      and closer to the screwtape letters CS Lewis dedicated to Tolkien.

  4. Not a shred of evidence to support the statement, and plenty to refute it, so obviously beyond debate. Some were born stupid, some had stupidity thrust upon them, others achieved it through their own efforts. Is Biden a consequence of all three?

    • Richard says:

      the DNC is not stupid- they are Brainwashing to be able to justify stealing Trillions in Fake GW emergencies to they can hand out $$ to voters who keep them in power

  5. Russell Hicks says:

    I love the way the American Dimocrat Left provides comedies almost daily. One day it renames mothers ‘Birthing People’. Another, it gifts Afghanistan to China, complete with billions in the latest American military equipment and every day it manages to squeeze in some crap about the weather to keep the peasants amused/entertained/scared shitless. Of course such brilliant entertainment doesn’t come cheap so printing trillions of shrinking little dollars is their ‘solution’. They really are the world’s idiots.

  6. Solar Mutant Ninjaneer says:

    So if the weather is nice, does climate change get credit for it too?

  7. Daniel Smeal says:

    Just another example of government stupidity.

  8. KevinPaul says:

    Somebody needs to tell him he’s naked. When will the witch burning and blood-letting begin?

  9. Susan says:

    For anyone whom has not realized it yet – creating crisis MAKES money for the elite and that IS the only thing that is important to them. Project Veritas had a CNN exec say it on one of their taped undercover conversations about WHAT SELLS… Climate crisis can go on forever because even if they are wrong then the opposite then needs protecting because they went too far. Rich love it – gas crisis or pandemic cuts cars on the road so the rich have less traffic to deal with as they continue to live lavish lifestyles under rules that only apply to them.

  10. arn says:

    Almighty corrupt Joe who can not finish a sentence and left his people in Afghanistan behind to die
    is so worried about climate.

    That’s so authentic and credible.

  11. trevor collins says:


  12. Stuart Hamish says:

    The climate change / extreme weather hypothesis is very much a matter of ongoing debate despite the media driven hysteria and whatever the Green loons and that demented fool Joe Biden believes

    The UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction released a report last year claiming a ” staggering rise in climate related disasters ” over the last 20 years that was laughably refuted by the UNDRR’s very own data ..Climatic disasters have in fact declined by approximately 11% since the year 2000 . The United Nations misrepresented their own research . In their 2007 annual bulletin CRED /EM – DAT expressed doubt regarding the pre – 2000 data , warning that it was compromised be enhanced reporting and globalized communications :

    “Indeed , justifying the upward trend in hydro – meteorological disaster occurrence and impacts essentially through climate change would be misleading …..one major contributor to the increase in disasters occurrence over the last [ few ]
    decades is the constantly improving diffusion and accuracy of disaster related information ”

    The ease and facility with which climate alarmists like Joe Biden deceive themselves and lie about what they read and can see with their own eyes is extraordinary

  13. MGJ says:

    Can anybody remind me, how far back do we need to go to get to a time when it was “subject to debate”?

    Or how and when said debate got resolved?

  14. Bemused says:

    ‘Every country has the government it deserves.’
    [Joseph de Maistre]

    Wondering if the Americans think this famous saying is open to debate now?

  15. paul courtney says:

    AT this point, the only debate left for dems is deciding what they will let us debate. And it’s getting thin.

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