The 1934 “Central Health Passport”

The Nazi Census – Google Books

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4 Responses to The 1934 “Central Health Passport”

  1. arn says:

    2 or 3 years ago the green party in Germany argued to install a veggie day once a week.
    That’s exactly what was rule under the vegetarian guy called Hitler .

    Even veggiemans famous IBM tattoo numbers are making a comeback as biosensors (which will eventually result in microchi…. ink embedded silicium biosensors with real time cloud analysis).
    Thanks god people got so used to tattoos in the meantime that they will gladly accept it as long it makes them feel cool.

  2. raamses says:

    The process of waking up from the COVID19 nightmare / hallucination is slow, mainly because of the complicity between corporate media, social media companies, and governments, but some politicians sense what’s going on in people’s minds:

  3. Guilherme Gomes says:

    Meet former Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohammed and his speech in FULL INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE THE ”NEW WORLD ORDER” A RECIPE FOR WAR or PEACE, video on YT. Mr. Mahathir adress at 16 minutes. Impressive!!

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