The Israel Success Story

The press says Israel booster vaccines are a success story.

Any policy implemented by government on the downside of the Farr curve is labeled a success.

Vaccinations and COVID-19 – Data for Israel – Our World in Data

They pulled exactly the same scam in February

“Israel was first to show that vaccines were bending the curve of Covid infections. The country led the world in early vaccinations, and by February more than 84% of people ages 70 and older had received two doses.”

More Than 6.06 Billion Shots Given: Covid-19 Vaccine Tracker

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17 Responses to The Israel Success Story

  1. John Sturges says:

    One has to worry about the next round of infection. Will it n be a new high in 6mos? What monster are they creating?

  2. will FORD says:


  3. nobler says:

    Is this per capita? If not, what are the relative populations of Israel vs “Palestine”?

  4. Dave N says:

    “Success” of the “vaccines” can only be verified by measuring cases (active infections, including the asymptomatic) of the “vaccinated” vs hospitalizations, not on case numbers alone. Anyone know if anyone has graphs of the two plotted together? The main sources I look at (Our World In Data, Johns Hopkins etc) don’t seem to

  5. kzvx says:

    The Guardian should be ignored on any story

  6. Kurt Goodwin says:

    Israel does have something to celebrate, but as usual most of the media is missing it. Tey are so obsessed with the number of cases still that they don’t see the real payoff for the vaccines which is reduced severity of infections – somewhat less cases, but much less hospitalizations and deaths. wish I could paste the chart in here – but here’s the link: if this doesn’t work, go to the website and plot Israel and US for the plot of deaths per million people – trending a 7 day rolling average. Israel’s deaths per pop went up and peaked a few weeks ago, and started to come down, now they are running at half the US’s. Same story is true for US versus UK – where they also deployed vaccinations to lots of people. Cases really don’t matter people – they just wave that flag to scare us. what do we really want to avoid – severe enough episodes to end up in the hospital or dying. 5 studies released in the last couple of months all show limitation on severe COVID-19 10-30X better with full vaccination with none.

    I do not support mandates of anything, especially masks and vaccines – but data is data.

  7. Petit_Barde says:

    A least after a few months, covid vaccines do not prevent infection nor transmission :
    – In Israel, they stopped the green pass mandate between June and the end of July 2021,
    – the infection data during this period show that the % of vaccinated among the infected is more or less the same as the % of vaccinated among the general population.

    Go to line 416 “Différence entre taux de cas positifs et taux de vaccination” which means “Differences between % of positive cases and % of vaccinated” :
    – between June and the end of July (lines 444 to 451, by age class, columns E, I, M, Q, U, Y, AC, AG, AK) there are very few differences between % of fully vaccinated among the positive cases and % of vaccinated among the population.

    Thus, the green pass mandate induces a misleading bias that can falsely lead to the conclusion that vaccines are efficient in reducing the infection : actually, at least some months after vaccination, they do not.

    The only way to estimate the vaccines efficacy is with respect to hospitalizations and deaths, but even in this case, data may be misleading :
    – how many “Covid hospitalization” are counted without any covid symptoms ?
    – how many “Covid hospitalization” where the patients are not even positive ?

    A recent CDC study (September 10 2021), which was done in order to estimate the vaccines efficacy against the Delta variant show some troubling data :
    – among some 14636 “covid-19 hospitalizations” only 1551 were confirmed as being infected by the SARS-COV2 (table p. 1292) :

    If this is correct and significant for the US, covid-hospitalizations are being inflated by more than 9 times and this does not prevent counting positive patients who have no covid symptoms but are hospitalized for any other illness.

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