Early US Forest Fires

12 Sep 1939, Page 20 – The Sheboygan Press at Newspapers.com

The US Forest Service collected fire data from at least 1916 to 2008, which showed that burn acreage is down 80% since the 1930s.


This 1938 New York Times article confirmed the data in Forest Service graph.

TimesMachine: October 9, 1938 – NYTimes.com

National Interagency Fire Center

National Interagency Fire Center

Burn acreage in the US is down 95% since the preindustrial era.

Wayback Machine

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3 Responses to Early US Forest Fires

  1. rah says:

    This would be the same PolitiFact that gave a “pants on fire” rating to the theory that COVID came out of the Wuhan lab and then had to retract it. https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/opinion/politifact-retracts-wuhan-lab-theory-fact-check

    And still claims that Fauci did not fund gain of function research.

  2. Michael+Abbott says:

    Interesting study that, through satellite information, concluded that “Fire has always been a part of California’s natural history. But several centuries of human settlement have created new conditions that promote its spread. Studies have shown human ignition is to blame for 84% of all wildfires in the United States, and 97% of all those that threaten homes.”

    The study covered a recent period obviously but puts to bed the assertion that Government data was bad because the majority of fires between 1920 and 1930 were “by intent”, put another way “started by humans”, presumably inferring that it’s vastly different today. The truth is probably the reverse of that.


  3. What is seriously insidious is the implied conclusion that CO2 is the cause. It looks to me, even with their fiddled data, that burn acreage is fluctuating from year to year whilst atmospheric CO2 is increasing monotonically over the same period. Not a very strong argument against fossil fuels. Before 1980, the correlation is actually negative, so we can see why those numbers had to go.

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