1905 : Valdez, Alaska Relocated Due To Melting Glacier

26 Jul 1905, Page 1 – The Topeka Daily Capital at Newspapers.com

NASA says 1905 was one of the coldest years on record.

graph.png (1130×600)

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  1. jandark says:

    Report: Some Climate Change Activists Facing Mental Health Issues –

    Quote from this article:
    “In 2018 the radical Greenpeace International started studying why activists are burning out, according to NPR.
    Agustin Maggio is the global Break Free campaign manager for Greenpeace.
    “Burning yourself out is almost like a badge of honor,” Maggio said in the NPR report. “So really, overworking yourself and giving up your life for the cause is considered to be something admirable.”

    Interestingly, people who left Scientology and other cults / religions have reported similar things – Typically, it’s “useful idiots” being exploited by charismatic leaders who benefit greatly from running their organizations.

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