“20% of Children with Myocarditis are dead in two years”

Dr. Vernon Coleman – “Studies suggest that 20% of Children with Myocarditis are dead in two years and 50% are dead in five years”

Dr Vernon Coleman – “Studies suggest that 20% of Children with Myocarditis are dead in two years and 50% are dead in five years” – The Expose

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  1. Dogna Dogti says:

    “A Plague Upon Our House” new book by Dr Scott Atlas –

    Unfortunately, Trump was naive when he believed the “vaccine will save us all” narrative that fit his personality and life experience as a producer of a reality-TV show.
    He backed and promoted the vaccine scam that turned out to be a key component of the ideology that fuels state terrorism worldwide, namely governments running continuous scaring and coercing campaigns against their own citizens, and destroying democracy.
    Trump still hasn’t realized his mistake, and he failed to denounce the vaccine terrorists. But it’s not too late, and he can still do it. Better late than never.

    • Barnes Moore says:

      While I agree that Trump’s ego led to the push for the vaccines, he was also being given very bad advice by Fauci and others. Remember when he claimed (correctly) that HcQ was an effective therapeutic for prevention and treatment, the left and the media went into hysterics claiming an FDA approved drug used safely for over 70 years was not effective and possibly dangerous. Any doctor that came forward to support that claim was demonized and smeared by the media. The same has been happening with IVM, an even safer and more effective preventative and treatment, since the beginning of 2021. It is more than clear at this point that had our health agencies embraced the re-purposing of safe, FDA approved therapeutics like Ivermectin and HcQ for off-label use early, this pandemic would have been obliterated by mid 2020. Doctors who actually treated patients had developed treatment protocols using one or both and were achieving very positive outcomes as early as April 2020, but their letters to health agencies went unanswered and were ignored. Re-purposing of FDA approved drugs is common, but apparently, not for covid.
      Democrats, the media (including Fox for under-reporting), our health agencies, and big pharma in particular have the blood of millions on their hands.

  2. Brad-DXT says:

    Tony, thanks for providing content that cuts through the propaganda.
    The government has declared an emergency that won’t happen until January.

    I will be losing my job in January since I work with a federal contractor and have refused the jab. The company I work for has denied my medical exemption, written by my doctor, and doesn’t allow for weekly testing.
    I am in better shape than my fellow employees since I have better qualifications for getting another job, possibly one with less than 100 employees, or I can retire.
    This administration has been a clusterf*** from the start. The next election cycle can’t happen soon enough.
    Thanks for your efforts to spread important information.

  3. Stork Lichthaus says:

    The South African doctor who discovered the so-called Omicron Variant says it’s (quote) “extremely mild”:

    But the now discredited crazies (or criminals) at Imperial College in the UK, who started the original COVID-19 panic, yet again panic the masses –

    Needless to try guessing which of these two versions the greedy alarmist corporate media and corrupt dictatorial governments that now govern us would choose…

  4. Mark Jebe says:

    What if the virus wasn’t a weapon? What if COVID-19 was the bait, and the vaccines are the weapon?

  5. Linda says:

    Glad to see our Dr Vernon, the “old man in a chair”, is being promoted a lot now. He’s been on this since the very beginning. He’s on Brandnewtube since he was banned from youtube.

  6. Nicholas McGinley says:

    He is wrong.
    For one thing, covid causes far more myocarditis than the vaccines.
    Myocarditis from the vaccines has mostly been in teen boys, and has been easily treated.
    It sounds awful, but it is not very uncommon and it is nothing new.

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