Big Al Is Watching You

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  1. arn says:

    So Al Gore is basing his right to spy on everyone
    on his pathetic fantasy movie he sold as documentary 16 years ago and that was 100% wrong!?.
    Now that”s some more “vax children though children dont suffer from covid” logic.
    (i wonder why the old hag pretending to be journalist was able to remember his movie but not the fact that everything that was presented as fact was 100% BS)

    And by some strange “coincidence” all this falls perfectly in line with the plans
    to monitor all transactions above 600 dollars and accounts with 10k dollars +
    (which is of course just the beginning of the fabian strategy to flatten the curve in 2 weeks,or demands to reduce carbon output which turned into net-zero tyranny).
    It also fits perfectly with the demands of Bidens soviet nominee
    from Khazakhstan(something crazy conspiracy theorists already assumed for years as result of very very specific&100%non-muslim symbolic architecture in their new anagram capital)
    who wants to create a second FED and wants to transfer all banking accounts and money controle to this new institution.
    It also fits perfectly into NSA global spying and Obamas huge data storage center in Utah that can store 5 zetabytes of data(and where peoples browsing history is analysed and stored to profile them).

    It also seems that Al Gore already knew about this since the 90ies when he started his KGB stayle spying agenda.
    (in fact AT&T is known for mass spying on people since at least 1987 – the analog era)

    Now one last question remains:
    Why are those “pledges”
    of any value and binding if Al Gore(& his friends Obama,Biden etc)
    can break any pledge they made towards their own country without being punished.

    And what are these pledges?

    “There will be a world government.Either by consent(97% consense,pledge) or by conquest(war)”
    James Warburg 1950

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