Catastrophic Sea Level Rise

US tide gauges  average 2.1 mm/year of apparent sea level rise and are generally running close to the lowest scenario predicted by “climate experts”

CO-OPS Technical Report

Sea Level Trends – NOAA Tides & Currents

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3 Responses to Catastrophic Sea Level Rise

  1. GWS says:

    Oh look, the results of our analysis confirm our suspicions! What luck!

  2. Steve Case says:

    Red line on the top graph goes to 2500 mm and that divided by the next 79 years comes to almost 32 mm/yr. Way more than ten times the current rate. When is this supposed to begin to happen?

  3. Paul Nafoltie says:

    Local tidal gauges fail to show changes due to the 18.6 years major lunar cycle –
    These changes are non-negligible, and they serve local authorities to redefine the shoreline periodically, for the purpose of measuring the extent and size of beachfront properties, and among other things, calculate the amount of taxes to be collected from their owners.
    I conclude from this that tidal gauges are not accurate enough to show anything meaningful in the context of sea level.

    Furthermore, in the area where I live, in New England, the state university has conducted a detailed study of high-resolution aerial maps from the late 1930s to the first years of the 21st century. They found that during this period, there was beach erosion in some areas, and in some areas the beach has extended into the ocean by more than 40 feet. Interestingly, most of the measured beach accretion occurred in the more recent part of this period, namely between the mid 1970s and 2003.
    This noticeable natural growth did not happen as a result of landslides.
    The university and state authorities have not published new scientific data on this subject since then, but from what I can see with my own eyes, there may still be some accretion happening at this beach, and certainly no erosion.
    I don’t see how this information can fit the notion of sea level rise, even if it’s by as little as a few inches per century.

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