Climate Change In England

Between 1934 and 1976, she changed her shoes and knelt down to take a closer look.

19 Jul 1934 – DROUGHT IN ENGLAND. – Trove

06 Jul 1976, 3 – The Item at

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3 Responses to Climate Change In England

  1. tom0mason says:

    The Britain Isles —
    Location: A small island between the higher mid-latitudes between 49° and 61°N on the western seaboard of Europe. The current population is about 70 million.

    Weather: As the UK is always close to the path of the polar front jet stream, so it is subject to lots of variations in atmospheric pressure and unsettled weather. The wind is predominately westerly, from off the North Atlantic.
    Summers can be much warmer, drier, and pleasant compared winter weather. Spring and fall (autumn) tend to be the most variable.
    During the summer the weather becomes quite dependent on the location and movement of a weather feature called the Azores high — a high pressure region off the coast of Spain.
    Unusually hot and dry periods rarely happen but will when the wind come off continental Europe (via a favorably located Azores high pressure region) giving southerly winds like in, or it can happen when summer easterly winds occur (via a Swedish high pressure region or even a Russian/Siberian high). These drying winds can be problematic during the summer months — as shown in 1934 and 1976 — as this is when localized droughts can happen. These high pressure zones can be usually slow moving and can stay affecting parts of the British Isles for an extended period of time (3 months or more).

    Britain does not usually get extended periods of any particular weather, often changing rapidly from day to day. Certainly it is very rare for the weather to be stuck in one particular weather pattern for long (3 months or more), and if it does, it makes for a lots of national media news reports.

  2. Rockwood says:

    I would expect there will be many less fortunate individuals who will die as a result of winter temperatures, much like Texas experienced earlier this year. These green policies are blatant crimes against humanity focused on euthanizing the elderly and less fortunate. Tell me it ain’t so Mr Bill the mad king Gates and the rest of the criminals at COPBS

  3. Francis Barnett says:

    Bill Gates is a dangerous control freak. He persists with his planned project to spread reflective material over the earth “to cool it”. If he gets to do that project full size and it goes wrong, such as, it cools the earth too much, crops fail etc – there is no way back from that for the human race. He should be prohibited from messing with stuff he has no business messing with.

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