“Decades Ahead Of Model Predictions”

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5 Responses to “Decades Ahead Of Model Predictions”

  1. Rockwood says:

    They really are idiots playing the rest of the world as fools. I would like to take Mann’s hockey stick and stick it somewhere the sun don’t shine. By the way, ever see the tides of Fundy? Ah ya, must be climate change too…..

    • arn says:

      Can someone really be an idiot if he successfully plays the world as fools?

      Saboteurs, Imposters and Indoctrinators should never be given the chance to excuse their deliberate crimes with stupidy.That’s exactly what they are waiting for.
      it is never a good idea to reward the opponent such a gift of high strategic value.

  2. Hank D says:

    I’m a big fan Tony. I have some ideas to increase your footprint that I wanted to run by you privately but so far haven’t found an address of any sort that I can use for such a contact. So now you have my contact info if you’re interested. I hope to hear from you. Thx.

  3. GeologyJim says:

    Simply delusional.

    Mann sez he can “actually see the rise of sealevel from one month’s surface melt in Greenland” – just as Saint Greta tells us she can “actually see CO2”

    They are actually idiots.

  4. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Possibly what needs to happen is that a snow level indicator with video, like exists at many ski resorts, needs to be put in somewhere in Greenland. People all over the world can tune in at any time and see whether the snow is down or up.
    It may not be all that impractical to do.

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