Erasing The World’s Record Temperature

Yale University claims that 130F this year is a world record.

Death Valley, California, breaks the all-time world heat record for the second year in a row » Yale Climate Connections

From July 1-17, 1913 afternoon temperatures at Greenland Ranch, California averaged 125F, and topped out at 134F. They had three days over 130F from July 10-13.

IPS – Record of Climatological Observations – Select Month | IPS | National Climatic Data Center (NCDC)

TimesMachine: June 1, 1930 –

TimesMachine: July 12, 1931 –

TimesMachine: November 24, 1963 –

TimesMachine: December 7, 1924 –


29 Jun 1859, 4 – The Sacramento Bee at

13 Jun 1877, Page 2 – San Francisco Chronicle at

12 Feb 1940 – A Hot Spot – Trove

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3 Responses to Erasing The World’s Record Temperature

  1. GWS says:

    “Reliable?” Who but an old fool (or a traitor) would rely on a reading from 87 years ago?

  2. Anon says:

    That is not the worst of it. The original temperature monitoring station is maintained as a tourist attraction, where visitors can take selfies next to the station and sign.

    The modification are covered in detail here:

    Death Valley’s “hottest month ever” was likely a product of nearby solar panels, an asphalt parking lot and RV park.

    But, what really caused the increased average high temperature to be a record setter? The answer is simple; the environment around the weather station used to measure the official temperature changed dramatically in the past few years.


    Of course, there’s no long-term climate record at Stovepipe Wells, data only goes back to 2004. But, what we can say is that Stovepipe Wells, by virtue of NOAA’s foresight and criteria, is much more representative of natural climate and weather effects, than the heavily human factor biased Furnace Creek visitor center.

    Yet, even for a single month, neither NWS nor the media cites this state of the art USCRN data, preferring to use the highly biased data from Furnace Creek. Why? It supports the global warming narrative.

    Yale is not a center of higher education any longer, but instead is an institute for elite indoctrination. IMHO

    • arn says:

      Good find.

      BUT if you do some research you may realise that Yale and Harvard have been elitist indoctrination camps for many decades.

      Why do you think all the presidents have a Harvard or Yale background?
      Why do you think that 2 guys(kerry,w bush) who were at the same time members of the elitist occult yale fraternity skull and bones(the bohemian grove kindergarten),were at the same time the “choice” as president that was given to the american people.

      Why do you think are the Rockfellers paying tons of money since 100 years to all the ivy league universities and why china is doing now the same?

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