First Official Climate Change Diagnosis

Canadian woman becomes the first patient to suffer from climate change

04 Sep 1921, 61 – New York Herald at


RUSSIA’S SUFFERING. But it is in Russia, along the fertile wheat fields of the Volga, which used to feed not only Russia and neighboring countries, but the whole of Europe, that we see the worst famine. The vast valley of the Volga, from Samara to Penn, is reduced to a state of desolation—with from twenty to forty million lives .endangered by famine, and millions, of men, women and children migrating, in various directions, in the hope of finding food. The water from springs and wells is utterly exhausted, and the country dried up and cracked open to a great depth, owing to the absence of rain for six months, from March to September. No such drought and famine has ever before afflicted Russia; and the governments of Europe and America are exerting themselves to succor millions of destitute and starving Russians.”

20 Nov 1921, 51 – The San Francisco Examiner at

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7 Responses to First Official Climate Change Diagnosis

  1. GWS says:

    “No such drought and famine has ever before afflicted Russia” — More liberal bookkeeping.

  2. Conrad Ziefle says:

    It’s less climate change than it is color-coded medical graduates and hospital administrators. Apparently, in Canada, their educational system is about 120 years behind in science and engineering. I’ll help them out. In the early 1900s, engineers and scientists began to popularize the idea of using a modified Rankine cycle to cool interior spaces. It’s commonly called air conditioning and refrigeration. You can get ice from almost any refrigerator, and you can have air conditioning installed by almost any mechanical contractor. If you don’t have any of these, we have lots of them in the USA, but hurry, the Biden Administration may outlaw them as white male privilege devices.

  3. Rockwood says:

    Another reason I am ashamed and embarrassed to be a Canadian. Blackface Trudeau, psychopath Guilbot, wacko Butts, morons the whole gang of them. Can’t wait for the next insane installment!

  4. william says:

    in that case as people are living longer and are healthier it must be due to climate change.

  5. Steve Cooksey says:

    It’s way worse than we thought. I didn’t want to say anything but I had to take my coat off last summer. Time is running out, folks.

  6. kzvx says:

    Well, she’s watching Spongebob… which is closer to reality than the nonsense they are telling her

  7. Lynn Comstock says:

    If you believe in Climate Change, “these old reports are only about weather. CO2 has been rising steadily in the atmosphere (scientific FACT) and therefore unusual weather NOW is due to manmade climate change.” :-)

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