Hansen : 18 Feet Of Sea Level Rise And 30C Polar Warming

Forty years ago, NOAA and NASA predicted 18 feet of sea level rise in as little as fifty years.

Lawrence Journal-World – Google News Archive Search

Eight years ago Hansen predicted 30C polar warming.

Wayback Machine

Antarctica just had their coldest winter on record and Arctic temperatures are 2C below the 1979-2000 mean.

South Pole froze over in coldest winter on record | Live Science

Climate Reanalyzer

In 1988, Hansen predicted that the Manhattan West Side Highway would be underwater in 20-30 years.

Stormy weather – Global warming – Salon.com

The highway still seems to be there however.

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2 Responses to Hansen : 18 Feet Of Sea Level Rise And 30C Polar Warming

  1. GWS says:

    I would love to see Hansen interviewed and forced to answer these questions.

  2. Gasher says:

    I live on a hill (a mere 500’ above sea level) and I used to joke with my kids that the bottom of our garden would be a beach when they were grown ups. Sadly nobody gave me any grant money.

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