Miami Beach Growing

Google Earth imagery shows that over the past 25 years, Miami Beach has grown wider and both sides of the beach have expanded eastward an average of 2-3 feet per year.

Experts say Miami is drowning under rising oceans.

Miami is Flooding | The New Yorker

Rising Sea Levels Are Already Making Miami’s Floods Worse | WIRED

In 1926, Miami actually was drowning and experts blamed it on huge sunspots.

20 Sep 1926, 12 – The Vancouver Sun at

Also in 1926.

“the climatic optimum about 1500 B.C. is marked in almost all parts of the world by beaches about 10ft. above the present beaches”

09 Mar 1926 – CHANGES IN CLIMATE – Trove

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10 Responses to Miami Beach Growing

  1. Eli the pit bull says:

    If they keep repeating the lie long enough, people will believe them. On deck, more mask and more lockdowns, and if you keep repeating the truth, you get banned permanently, like Eli did this morning for “medical misinformation” saying the Covid vaccines are destroying the immune system. In this interview, Israeli doctor explains it. I figured it out when the cashier at the local hardware store and her sister got shingles at the same time (they’ve never had it before)
    They got their Covid vax on the same day

  2. gregole says:

    Miami certainly isn’t cooperating with the narrative. If MannMade CO2 was causing dangerous sea-level rise, Miami would be hit. Instead, it’s a thriving, growing city.

    This MannMade CO2 climate change claptrap is utter nonsense. Let’s not forget that Al Gore (Montecito) and Obama (Martha’s vineyard) both own houses close to the sea shore. And they are beautiful properties I’m sure; but if these two alleged true believers own beach houses then I don’t think they are actually very afraid of the so-called dangerous and MannMade sea-level rise.

    But yeah, if the seas were actually dangerously rising, Miami wouldn’t be a growing city; it would be a city under evacuation orders. Something doesn’t add up. But that’s typical for Klimate so-called science.

    • arn says:

      Add Nancy Pelosi to the list.
      She just bought a 25 mio front beach property — in Miami as she is more afraid of sinking property prizes in California as result of ruin and crime than of real rising sea levels in Miami (in a relative way as Miami is sinking)

      The parasite has moved on to a new host after the old one was destroyed.

  3. Angus McThag says:

    Castillo de San Marcos in St Augustine, Florida is also a good indicator that the oceans are not rising significantly.

    There’s hundreds of years of paintings showing the water in about the same place as photos show it today.

  4. Robert L. Gipson says:

    Obviously, Google Earth is not an “expert.”

  5. Jimd1958 says:

    They can lie and lie all they want. Once the Grand Solar Minimum kicks in every one of these frauds will hopefully freeze to death.

  6. Ed says:

    Just a question, are the 1995 and 2021 at the same tide?

  7. Pamela Matlack-Klein says:

    When I lived in south Florida, Miami and Ft. Lauderdale in the 70s and 80s, Miami was deeply invested in beach re-nourishment. Is that still the case? Dania Beach, just south of Port Everglades was suffering the usual erosion found south of stabilized inlets and they were pumping offshore sand up to “fix” it.

  8. Smokey says:

    The interesting thing to observe here is the line of the grass that’s growing next to the shoreline. This beach grass is well adapted to salinity, and it can be submerged by seawater occasionally, but it dies if it’s submerged for too long.
    The beach grass traps sand with its blades and roots, and in the absence of adverse factors, such overexposure to salt water, it will create new sandy soil, and increase the extent of the beach towards the water, effectively leading to what’s known as beach accretion.
    If sea level was rising, beach accretion would have been impossible in these sandy beaches, and instead, we would have observed beach erosion.
    This is a an empirical, namely real-world proof of the absence of sea level rise in recent decades.

    • Pamela Matlack-Klein says:

      Yes, that is correct. And there has been a big push to protect the back beach and encourage growth of vegetation in recent years. The results of this practice is obvious in the photos.

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