Most East Coast Beaches Gone By 2020

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  1. GWS says:

    It’s all a cherry-picking coincidence! You can’t do this!

    • Francesco Macaroni says:

      Tony did more than enough to disprove AGW theorists’ prediction about beaches disappearing under water due to rise in sea level – Any rise in sea level, even by a few inches, would have been easily detected just from observing shoreline changes along slightly sloped sandy beaches.
      For example: In a beach with a 1:20 slope, a permanent sea level rise of one inch would have caused beach erosion of roughly 20 inches, a change that would have been easy to detect in aerial photos, by comparing the vegetation on the shoreline, e.g. species of beach grass, Rosa Rugosa, etc.
      The fact that these sandy beaches did not recede (“No” beach erosion), and in many cases, such as where I live, have increased substantially in size over the past 80 years, as measured by local state university and government researchers (“Yes” beach accretion), is all that’s needed to disprove the sea-level rise hypothesis – It simply didn’t happen.
      Plants don’t lie.

  2. Anon says:

    You have to put these claims in Lefty Speak and understand Lefty Logic:

    By “gone” they meant that the beaches that “you are used to” would be gone. So, now, due to rising sea levels you have to walk further to find the water, which could result in more incidents of cardiac arrest, which can be attributed to climate change.

    One of the classic signs of sea level rise is not coastal flooding but “more” beaches. This is counterintuitive, as are most things on the Left, but logically it makes sense, as the number of beaches will increase in response to increasing amounts of water.

    If you look at the Aral Sea in Russia:

    The biggest corruption case in the Soviet history.

    You can clearly see that as the water disappeared so did the beaches. To the point now there are very few beaches. However if the water returned so would the beaches. Thus we now have scientific proof that beaches increase with rising water.

    So, if you live in a community where the beaches are growing, it is one of the classic signs of sea level rise and it is time to panic and sell (hopefully to the Obamas).

    Also, don’t forget, that just before a tsunami arrives, the water empties out of shallow bays and estuaries… increasing the size of the beaches. (lol)

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