Not His First Rodeo

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11 Responses to Not His First Rodeo

  1. rah says:

    Virtually nothing that comes out of their mouths, or their lackeys in the press, is truthful.

    For example. Here is what Democrats and Fauci were saying about the Federal Governments authority and ability to mandate COVID vaccinations not that long ago.×720/O8AJFQsoNv6XU3DR.mp4?tag=14

  2. oldefarte says:

    I wish you wouldn’t be so determinately negative about our President, Mr. Heller. I, for one, was immensely impressed by the Biden speech you featured, insomuch as it was the first and only time I’ve heard him speak for almost a full 30 seconds without becoming totally incoherent or sounding like Porky Pig doing the “Looney Tunes” sign off (“Ba-duh, ba-duh, ba-duhdaduh, that’s all, folks…”). Perhaps it’s time we recognize his accomplishments and make sure that he is credited when credit is due.

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      Obama did this with $900 billion yrs ago but Dem voters and some Rep voters think history started on Jan 20, 2021.
      Oh those Solar Panels etc will be made in China!!!

  3. nobler says:

    I wonder if these jobs will be “shovel ready”.

  4. Jeff L. says:

    It is not the government’s job to create jobs. It is their job to get out of the way of business so that business will create jobs. Jobs created by government are usually non-productive and do nothing to actually improve the economy.

    • John Francis says:

      Our representatives need to get real jobs 3/4 of the year
      Maybe a 3month period in d.c.
      Way too much damage being done by career politicians

  5. arn says:

    They are all reading from the same playbook.

    Merkel has also promised hundreds of thousands(of course well paid- it’s tue same script writer) new jobs as result of green new energy.

    Anyways-irretating to see that there was a time when Joe Biden didn’t need to squeeze every single word out of his money and to fight for every single sentence.
    Thx to his verbal agony now more and more people realise that he is nothing more that a scriptreader.

  6. toorightmate says:

    More green jobs.
    BUT, why are these green new jobs given to invisible men (and women)?

  7. roaddog says:

    Hard to make asphalt without petroleum.

    • Michael Peinsipp says:

      Sir, hard to make ANYTHING without Oil period.
      Everything in your life is possible cuz of Oil…steel(Coke and oil), plastics(oil), transport(oil), etc etc etc.
      When you tell those Greenies this fact they will stand there and look stupidly at you (their normal state) and then start hollering that you are wrong blah blah blah. They can’t admit that Oil is needed for EVERYTHING!
      So for those Greenies – I’ll continue to use my 1979 F150 PU, diesel tractor and burn wood every second of the day!!!

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