Placebos For Politicians

Crisis in Slovenia: Whistleblower nurse says politicians receive saline instead of mRNA jab – Daily Telegraph

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4 Responses to Placebos For Politicians

  1. arn says:

    As expected.
    And interesting how busy fascbook is to protect the globalists vax campaign and its minions while Taliban can post whatever.

    Now it would be interesting to know what is really in the vaccine that the less equal animal get.
    Maybe something that resonates with radio frequencies and can turn people of or adjust their health condition to their low social credit score of(heart failure,immune system) via an amplifier/receiver eg smartphone.

  2. vaidata says:

    89% of Covid-19 Deaths in Scotland are among the Fully Vaccinated –

    Note that these numbers are not adjusted to age, which would somehow change the picture, but still, if anyone needed a proof that those “vaccines” don’t work, it’s in the official data.

  3. Pfauci Nineteen says:

    FDA report finds all-cause mortality higher among vaccinated –
    The report shows Pfizer’s clinical trials found 24% higher all-cause mortality rate among the vaccinated compared to placebo group. Report emphasizes that “None of the deaths were considered related to vaccination.”

    Could it be that being “vaccinated” against COVID-19 simply makes one unlucky?

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