Quietest Period On Record For New England Hurricanes

The past 25 years has been the quietest on record for southern New England Hurricanes and below average for all tropical cyclones.

(PDF) Climatic history of the northeastern United States during the past 3000 years

But The Conversation said Hurricane Sandy was the new normal.

Hurricane Sandy: the new normal?

Tropical storm Henri was the first to hit New England in 30 years.

30 years after last hurricane, New England braces for Henri

The last major hurricanes hit New England in 1954.

The Worst Massachusetts Hurricanes of the 20th Century | Mass.gov

Later that year in mid-October Hurricane Hazel devastated much of the eastern US and was Canada’s deadliest hurricane.

Hurricane Hazel | The Canadian Encyclopedia

The Conversation has taken more than six million dollars from Bill Gates.

Revealed: Documents Show Bill Gates Has Given $319 Million to Media Outlets

Two years ago they banned anyone who contradicts their global warming lies.

Climate change deniers are dangerous – they don’t deserve a place on our site

The Climate reality Project says sea level rise rates at Boston are increasing dramatically.

How Does the Climate Crisis Affect New England? | Climate Reality

There has been no change in sea level rise rates over the past century and they are below even the most conservative scenario from NOAA.

Sea Level Trends – NOAA Tides & Currents

Climate reality is funded by Al Gore and his friends.

Climate Reality Project – InfluenceWatch

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8 Responses to Quietest Period On Record For New England Hurricanes

  1. rah says:

    Went to my family’s annual pitch in for Thanksgiving at my Dad’s house yesterday. It seems the eyes of some of the true believers in government propaganda have been opened a little bit by the obvious COVID lies.

    I don’t push the subject of the lies on Climate Change at these gatherings. It would be counter-productive I think. But at the one last year I had a nephew that is single challenge me on the subject. My response was simple. I asked him “Still have that Corvette? And didn’t you just buy a house much larger than you need for yourself from your Uncle Bruce that is heated by natural gas”? Then quickly started up a conversation with one of my other family members on another subject. He opted not to pursue, and hasn’t said a thing about it since.

  2. Trevor Boyce says:

    I love it when the crazies try to make their point by arguing that “sea level is rising faster in Boston than elsewhere, and that proves AGW is the cause”. When of course 5 seconds of thought would suffice to realize that it actually proves the opposite. Any sea level changes due to global warming by definition can NOT be local. Water levels dont pile up locally. That is literally why rivers form.

    • rah says:

      The proof is in the pudding and the pudding in this case is that they put in the tunnel system near the coast known as “the big dig” even as they cried their alarms about sea levels rising there.

  3. Michael Peinsipp says:

    “The Conversation has taken more than six million dollars from Bill Gates.”
    I went to that rag and I saw a ‘paper’ so far on the left that Stalin is jealous.

  4. gregole says:

    Tony, thanks for the great sleuthing on this. If there is any doubt where MannMade climate change originates, it is from the rich and powerful making stuff up whole cloth. The people that buy into it?

    Either they ignore it and go along with it, like me until 2009 and ClimateGate. It still took me awhile to figure out it was actually all fraud.

    They are part of it somehow (any democrats reading this…) like:

    Windmill sales people (working for a fat commission, people who would sell their own grandmother if there was money in it,

    Politicians, who will do and say anything to get into office in order, really in most cases, to sell influence, enrich their family and friends – shameless liars, frauds and con artists.

    Churnalists: those activists and professional scribblers, who will write anything, say anything for the right price. Intellectual whores.

    Academics, those bullies, control freaks, power junkees and all around ignorant jerks.

    And even the Klimate Klowns who impersonate scientists, pervert the scientific method, lie, lie, lie. Filthy frauds. Charlatans.

    All of them enemies of humanity and/or parasites.

    Or they’re simply stupid. Bonhoeffer’s Theory of Stupidity:
    Unfortunately there are a lot of stupid people. The climate crisis is their refuge.

  5. Stuart Hamish says:

    After the disgraceful editorial decision to ban climate skeptics from the comments sections I jokingly renamed The Conversation ” The Condensation ” [ of debate ] .
    .Hurricane Sandy 2012 was only a Cat. 2 hurricane in a timespan when no Cat 3 – 5 hurricanes made landfall in the continental United States .. The ‘new normal ‘
    in the context of an 11 year lull ? ….” A storm of historical proportions moving up the east coast as a Noreaster without precedent ” ?….A mere Cat .2 storm ?.. .You can see the ‘2006 – 2017 hurricane hiatus in the Klotzbach et al U.S landfall series … There is nothing like this gap in the US hurricane record ..Imagine the arrogant chutzpah and totalitarian mindset of The Condensation editorial team that composed this rationalization : ” As a publisher, giving them a voice on our site contributes to a stalled public discourse ” …

    .How is a turgid echo chamber of climate alarmist hysteria , disinformation and boring consensual agreement in any way conducive to fluent stimulating public discourse ? .. How is a ‘zero tolerance approach to …..moderating skeptics ” in the spirit of science ? What sort of personalities would demonize and censor skepticism ?…. The Inquisition and Lysenkoism spring to mind

    Thank you so much for the information about Bill Gates lavish monetary donations Tony .. Now it makes sense

    • rah says:

      By the time Sandy came ashore it was not a hurricane or even a TS. It was a post-tropical cyclone though it still had winds of hurricane force and coming in at the just right angle during an exceptional high tide magnified the storm surge. As anyone that has watched the “news” for any time knows; Everything and Anything that happens on the East coast, anywhere along the I-95 corridor is always reported as being worse than it would be if it happens elsewhere.

  6. Gamecock says:

    ‘perpetuating ideas that will ultimately destroy the planet’

    An adult said this?

    This big ol’ dirt ball will keep flying around the sun, no matter what ideas people have.

    Sticks and stones, words will destroy the planet. Leftards are generally adolescents, but this is descending to toddler level.

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