Stable Climate Of 110 Years Ago

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  1. Stuart Hamish says:

    Sir David Attenborough – who once joked about shooting Donald Trump – would have us believe the nonsense that the climate prior to a hundred years ago was very stable and “very nice” …Perhaps he’s channeling Borat ….Or he knows he’s lying ..Apart from the sweltering 1910 -11 heatwaves that affected the United States , the United Kingdom , continental western Europe and parts of the Arctic , the coolest pocket [ when much of the landmass of Africa , Asia , South America , the Pacific Indian and southern oceans were absent of thermometer data ] in NASA’s dubious , dodgy temperature series also witnessed an active and destructive 1910 – 11 Australian cyclone season .

    On 19 November 1910, a powerful cyclone caused severe damage to the port of Broome sinking 26 pearling ships resulting in 40 dead
    Another cyclone struck the Pilbara coast on January 4 1911 flattening Mardie Station. The vessel Glenbank was shipwrecked off Legendre Island leaving only one surviving crew-man .

    The Queensland towns of Port Douglas and Mossman were almost totally devastated by a cyclonic system in March , 1911 . En route from Brisbane the Yongala sailed into the storm and was destroyed with the loss of all 120 passengers and crew .
    Port Douglas was battered by another cyclone five weeks earlier

    In excess of 150 people perished in a cyclone that hammered the West Australian coast in February 1912 near Port Hedland sinking the steamer Koombana

    Now reflect on the fact these storms and the Australian BoM cyclone chart Tony posted recently, comprise the weakest phase of northern Australian cyclonic activity over the last 1500 – 500 years according to paleo -tempest research published [2014 ] in the journal Nature. Australasian tropical cyclones were worse when atmospheric carbon dioxide was ‘stable’ and supposedly ‘safe’ at 270 -80 ppm during the Little Ice Age [ and the cooler 1970’s and 80’s in the modern era BoM cyclone chronology ] Has anyone alerted Sir David and the Glasgow climate jamboree attendees to this information ?

    Bureau of Meteorology ,Climate Education ‘A town destroyed and a ship lost ‘ , March 1911 ,30 March 2009 [ Trove archive ]

    ‘1910’s Australian region cyclone seasons’ Wikipedia

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