Storm Surge Records

“The Bathurst Bay Cyclone, also known as Tropical Cyclone Mahina, which struck Bathurst Bay, Australia on March 5, 1899, is generally credited with the world record for storm surge. The cyclone’s storm surge is variously listed at 13 – 14.6 meters (43 – 48 feet). The Category 5 cyclone was a monster–with sustained winds in excess of 175 mph and a central pressure between 880 and 914 mb. Mahina killed at least 307 people, mostly on pearling ships, and was the deadliest cyclone in Australian history.”

“The highest storm surge in the past century from a Bay of Bengal cyclone occurred during the Great Bhola Cyclone of 1970, when a storm surge of 34.8 feet (10.6 meters) roared inland during one of the highest high tides of the year (Karim and Mimura, 2008; Shrestha, 1998). The death toll from the cyclone was the highest in human history, estimated at 300,000 – 550,000.”

World storm surge records : Weather Underground

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