Vaccine Injury Reports Up 1,400% This Year

VAERS – Data Sets

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  1. william says:

    a powerful long read- link below-

    “The U.S. authorities, the “experts,” the [psychopathic] ruling class, chose to do precisely the opposite [of what should have been done in the case of the Covid-19 Coronavirus “Pandemic”]. They “locked down” a general population that is at virtually no risk, thereby delaying the virus’s spread to people it could not harm and whose infection would build herd immunity. Keeping millions of people indoors also worsened their health. Keeping people from interacting and working normally wrecked economic and social life. Worst of all, these authorities, these experts, transferred elderly persons known to be infected with the virus into nursing homes [naturally infecting many other susceptible high-risk elderly people]. […]. That is what happened, and it is perverse. It deserves punishment. Doubly so because of the cruelty [typical of pathological psychopaths] with which it was done. As known virus carriers and unscreened persons were moved in, as the contagion raged, the debilitated, powerless inmates were prohibited visits from their families. These, being nearly all uninfected, would have posed no danger. Had the families been allowed to visit, they might have become aware of what was happening. As it was, they were powerless to save these innocents who, without advocates, were effectively condemned.” [112] [explanations added]

  2. AAa says:

    Another crack in the wall of vaccine madness –
    Big Three US Automakers Agree To Not Mandate Vaccines For UAW Union Members:

  3. Barnes Moore says: provides a comparison of AEs for covid vax’s since 12/2020 to all other vax’s combined since 1990. Yet, our authorities tell us there is nothing to see here.

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