“warmer weather triggered by climate change”

“Early Arctic sea freeze traps 18 ships in ice near Russia”

“In recent years warmer weather triggered by climate change has allowed ships to cross parts of Russia’s northern sea route in November without the help of icebreakers.”

Early Arctic sea freeze traps 18 ships in ice near Russia | World | The Times

“Current sea ice extent in northern Alaska waters is the highest it’s been in November since 2001, according to the Sea Ice Index from the National Snow and Ice Data Center.”

November ice extent in Chukchi Sea is well above average of past 30 years

NWS Alaska Sea Ice Program (ASIP)

Last autumn

7:56 AM · Oct 22, 2020

Arctic sea ice 2020: 3 charts showing the alarming decline this year – Vox

 DMI Modelled ice thickness

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6 Responses to “warmer weather triggered by climate change”

  1. Timo, Not That One says:

    Must be fake news because the TV says the arctic ice has all melted. A decade ago.

  2. Greg in NZ says:

    “Ship owners had assumed…”, uh oh!

    Thankfully, for the crew(s), the ships aren’t Brain-Zero ‘sustainable’ oar-, wind-, or solar-powered craft, including the ice-breakers. Ration the vodka, ordered the captains.

  3. Gamecock says:

    The Arctic Ocean is 5,000,000 square miles. Our heroine spent 5 months measuring all sorts of stuff in the SAME SPOT.

    “I wonder how thick the ice is today?”

    “Probably about the same as yesterday.”

  4. Conrad Ziefle says:

    Random walk does that. Just when the climate guru thinks it’s safe to bet their entire reputation on a trend, it isn’t a trend. It’s laughable that they call themselves scientists, yet they seem not to understand the simplest statistics.

  5. Brian D says:

    Weather pattern has high pressure staying firm over the arctic basin for the next couple weeks which is keeping a strong northerly flow into the Bering Sea. Ice should build up quickly there. Hudson Bay region is off to a slow start this year, but the upcoming pattern should help that along nicely.

  6. John Sutcliffe says:

    I noted how Melinda Webster needed armed guards to protect her from Polar Bears, I was lead to believe they were disappearing rapidly.
    Amazing how these scientists keep shooting themselves in the feet; at least the scientists were prepared so they must not have taken too much notice of Sir David Frederick Attenborough the BBC climate, everything expert.

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