World To Run Out Of Coal And Oil Next Year

Greta’s relative Svante Arrhenius said the world would run out of oil and coal by 2023, and everything would run from solar power.

09 Sep 1923, Page 90 – The Pittsburgh Press at

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3 Responses to World To Run Out Of Coal And Oil Next Year

  1. GWS says:

    Prophets of doom abound in every age. In past ages they sacrificed virgins and cut out people’s hearts, holding them up to the sky, pleading for the gods to save them from bad weather. Nothing has changed today except the players have college degrees and their rationale is global.

  2. Allan Shelton says:

    Well, Professor A’s totally erroneous predictions are equivalent to what we hear today from all the ignorant alarmists.
    They never learn.
    But people keep on electing them to government, or positions of power.

  3. Jerry Steele says:

    I did the following video, while not specifically on oil supplies, a big part is.
    At 14:25 in this video, I point out how we continue to be fed bovine excrement
    on petroleum supplies (and have been since the 1970’s:

    Also, Google books has free online access to all Popular Science. This issue
    has a story about a theory from a Dr. Fritz Went that proposes an interesting alternative theory of how the planet creates oil. It may be that the earth just
    keeps creating it. See the May 1960 issue, “Where Oil Comes From”, page 23.

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